Weather Eye It could be feast or famine with our local weather

first_imgLooking at the satellite photo late Wednesday afternoon it looks like a stack of noodles with bands of moisture strewn across the Pacific and moving in a most awkward configuration. One low is moving westward, another eastward and to the south and yet another moving eastward to our north.So where does that put us? Neither at the main course, dessert or even appetizers. We are still waiting to be served. OK, a tease of an appetizer presents itself today for more clouds and a few sprinkles here and there. We wait until later on Friday for things to get rolling.Forecast charts show a good cold storm that will dump a foot or more of snow in the mountains and that includes some as pass levels. Factor that in if you are driving east on Friday and Saturday. Snow levels are predicted to drop to 2,500 feet, the lowest so far. That means our higher foothills to the east will get a dusting of snow.How long will this last? That is a good question. Initially things were to get dry and warm early next week, but looking at forecast models at this writing we could get more cool and damp weather. That means snow in the mountains but stay tuned.Another one of those roller coaster weather rides. We should live in an amusement park. At least you can chuckle at those ever-changing seven-day weather outlooks on your favorite TV channel as they keep changing each day.last_img read more