Company partnerships with employees are way forward

first_imgCompany partnerships with employees are way forwardOn 30 Jan 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. BenWillmott reports from the Anuman 2001 conference on employee relations whereemployers and trade unions gave ringing endorsements to partnershipThecreation of effective partnerships between employers and their staff can play akey role in improving bottom-line performance. This was the message from HRmanagers and employers speaking at the Anuman 2001 conference, in London, whotold delegates that involving employees in business objectives anddecision-making paid financial dividends.AlixThom, employee relations manager for BP, said that the firm had learned a lotabout effective consultation with its employees through its plans to change itsrescue and recovery system for staff on its off-shore oil platforms.BPhad proposed to replace the existing standby vessels, which are in a constantstate of readiness to respond to people falling into the water from one of theplatforms, with a combination of platform-based search and rescue helicoptersand rescue craft.Asa result of extensive consultation with employee representatives on BP’sbusiness unit forums, shortcomings in the proposal were highlighted and thetrial period for the new system was extended. Thom said, “We are trying tobuild a culture based on employee involvement and participation.”Itis a tremendous investment in terms of time but we really believe thatinvolving the work force is essential to delivering our business objectives andalso to recruiting and retaining the right people”.Theimportance of staff consultation was also emphasised by the experience ofMcVitie’s Tollcross factory in Glasgow.RichardWileman, the factory’s general manager, told the conference production had beenincreased and absenteeism reduced following the adoption of a partnershipagreement at the plant.Thiswas achieved through a project called the Resolve Process, which initiallyinvolved three two-day off site meetings between seven union representativesand seven managers. This gave employees the chance to put across their concernsand also demonstrated that there was a real desire among staff to be moreinvolved in the business.Resolvegroup surgeries, which ensure staff are consulted about decisions that effectthem, were subsequently established and have become a formal part of thefactory’s communication process.last_img read more

Washington scores 19 to carry Utah Valley over UAB 66-55

first_img Written by Associated Press Tags: TJ Washington/UVU Wolverines Basketba FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailBIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — TJ Washington had 19 points as Utah Valley topped UAB 66-55 on Friday night.Brandon Averette had 18 points for Utah Valley (3-1). Casdon Jardine added 14 points. Jamison Overton had 11 points for the visiting team.Will Butler had 10 points for the Blazers (2-1). Tyreek Scott-Grayson added 10 points. Tavin Lovan had 10 points.Utah Valley matches up against Kentucky on the road on Monday. UAB faces Mount St. Mary’s at home on Wednesday. November 15, 2019 /Sports News – Local Washington scores 19 to carry Utah Valley over UAB 66-55last_img read more

Businessman opens Bath & Body Works in Trinidad and Tobago

first_imgThe Caribbean’s first Bath & Body Works store will open in Trinidad and Tobago on April 12. The outlet is being opened by Trinidadian businessman Omar Hadeed, who is known in the country as the “Franchise King”. Hadeed also owns outlets for popular American stores, Aldo, Skechers and Domino’s. He is also slated to open an Aeropostale store later this year.Hadeed’s vision is to turn the country into a major shopping hub.Hadeed told the press, “In a time where it is becoming more difficult to acquire a US visa and it is becoming more expensive to travel, I would like to ensure that we have enough brands here to possibly prove to be a selling point to Trinidad’s tourism.” The young, successful businessman is only 35 years old, and, among many other ventures, also has a brand called Raw – an apparel store with branches in Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados. Hadeed has Skechers stores in Curacao and Suriname, and is also looking at Barbados, Jamaica and Guyana for possible locations for businesses.last_img read more

Garcia’s win over Khan leaves Theophane eyeing title shot

first_imgKiburn’s Ashley Theophane believes his case for a world title shot has been underlined by Amir Khan’s shock defeat against Danny Garcia.The unbeaten American destroyed Khan in the fourth round of their light-welterweight unification clash in Las Vegas on Saturday – but was pushed all the way by Theophane in 2010.Garcia won on a split points decision against the Londoner, with many believing he was fortunate to get the verdict.Theophane also boasts victories over Delvin Rodriguez and former world champion DeMarcus Corley, who have both since secured world title challenges.Another London boxer, Kentish Town’s Nigerian-born Ajose Olusegun, is next in line to face Garcia.But Theophane, a product of the All Stars Boxing Gym in Westboune Park, believes his time will come.Trainer Don Charles on Theophane“I feel like I’d deserve a world title shot and I’m sure in the future it will happen.” Theophane told West London Sport.“I’m not sure about a fight with Garcia at this moment because he’s got a mandatory defence against Ajose, who I know well, and I don’t know if he’ll come through that.“But I would definitely take the opportunity if it comes my way in the future and I deserve it.“Even Garcia thought I won when we fought. I’ve also beaten Corley and Rodriguez – and look at the fights they’ve gone on to have.“What the Amir Khan result showed again is that I’m a lot better than the boxing experts in Britain think I am.“I’ve already got respect in America, but it shows the British people that I’m a fighter to be reckoned with.“I’m seen as high-risk though, so I don’t think any of the world champions are going to want to make a voluntary defence against me.“What I need to do is get back on the winning path and work my way up the rankings to a position of mandatory challenger.”Theophane, often based in the United States, is scheduled to return to the ring in North Carolina on 24 August.It will be the 31-year-old’s first outing since losing the British title to Darren Hamilton in May – a setback he does not believe will derail his world title bid.There has even been talk of a fight between Theophane and Khan, whose frailties were badly exposed by Garcia.But Theophane said: “I’m not going to go calling people out and kicking a man when he’s down just because he lost.“Khan should have won that fight and I thought he would. Now he hasn’t, I still believe he’ll come back from it.“He just fought the wrong kind of fight. Garcia is a puncher and likes people to come towards him.“Garcia has slow feet and doesn’t like fighters who move around and box with their brain like I did against him.“His best performances have been against people who’ve tried to be macho. The way to beat him is to use brain not brawn.”Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Leaf Vein Patterns Are Not in Vain

first_imgThe vein patterns in a leaf approach perfection.  If the requirement is to reach every cell with the shortest and most efficient paths, leaves do it just right.  A team of scientists at Cornell, “inspired by plant leaves,” tried to build a network in a polymer substrate that would maximize distribution of fluid with evaporation-driven flow.  Their “biomimetic leaf” couldn’t improve on the real thing.  Read all about it in PNAS.1    Next, they think the “design principles” they uncovered will be useful for inventors.  “These scaling relations for evaporatively driven flow through simple networks reveal basic design principles for the engineering of evaporation�permeation-driven devices, and highlight the role of physical constraints on the biological design of leaves.”1.  Noblin et al, “Optimal vein density in artificial and real leaves,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, published online before print July 1, 2008, doi: 10.1073/pnas.0709194105.Don’t you creationists try to latch onto this story now.  They said, “The long evolution of vascular plants has resulted in a tremendous variety of natural networks responsible for the evaporatively driven transport of water.”  So clearly they believe in evolution.  This is merely an adaptation.  Natural selection is up to the task.  That’s what natural selection does: adapts things to their environment.  It searches through all possibilities and finds the optimum solutions to nature’s engineering problems.  It tinkers with things until it gets them right.  Evolution has millions of years to work its magic.  Given enough time, anything is possible, even things that look like miracles.  Evolution is smart.  Evolution is like… well, a god.  Believe!(Visited 16 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

SA improves travel, tourism competitiveness

first_imgSouth Africa is highly recommended as a destination for businessmen to extend their stay and partake in the many leisure activities on offer.(Image: Stellenbosch Wine Routes) South Africa was ranked 30 out of 140 countries for the quality of its natural environment.(Image: Janine Erasmus) The country did not disgrace itself in the WEF survey, but there are numerous areas that can be improved.(Image: World Economic Forum) MEDIA CONTACTS • Brand South Africa  +27 11 483 0122 • South African Tourism  +27 11 895 3000 RELATED ARTICLES • SA wine tourism best in the world • SA becomes business tourism hub • Grooming the future of tourism • Sustainable tourism a must • SA’s competitiveness consistent reporterThe World Economic Forum (WEF) has released its annual Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, which this year included 35 African countries.Published under the theme Reducing Barriers to Economic Growth and Job Creation, the report evaluated a record 140 countries on the basis of the steps they are taking to develop their travel and tourism sectors, and to overcome barriers to this development.The respondents were CEOs and business leaders in the 140 nations under scrutiny, as, says WEF, they are the ones making the investment decisions.The report, explains the organisation, is based broadly on three main categories, namely regulatory framework; business environment and infrastructure; and human, cultural and natural resources.These three categories are made up of 14 pillars of competitiveness – Policy rules and regulations; Environmental sustainability; Safety and security; Health and hygiene; Prioritisation of travel and tourism; Air transport infrastructure; Ground transport infrastructure; Tourism infrastructure; ICT infrastructure; Price competitiveness in the travel and tourism industry; Human resources; Affinity for travel and tourism; Natural resources; Cultural resources.Each pillar is further divided into a number of individual indicators, more than 75 in total.The top countries were somewhat predictable – Switzerland, Germany and Austria were the top three, followed by Spain, the UK, US, France, Canada, Sweden and Singapore.The top-ranking African country was Seychelles at 38, followed by previous regional leader Mauritius at 58, South Africa at 64 and Morocco at 71. South Africa gained two places since the previous report of 2011, up from 66.Download the full report from the WEF website.Country one of the best for extension of a business tripSouth Africa is ranked 3rd in the sub-Saharan region and 64th overall, gaining two places since the last edition in 2011.The report’s executive summary cites the country as scoring high marks for its wealth of natural resources – here it came in 17th overall – and 29 for the policies and regulations that promote development of the tourism sector.With 30 other countries, South Africa was joint first in the world for the presence of major car rental agencies. It scored well in the indicators of cost to start a business (3), its international transport network (14), and quality of air transport infrastructure (15). In the latter two sections South Africa fared better than the likes of Denmark, Spain, Canada, the US and Australia.South Africa also excelled in the indicator reflecting whether or not senior executives visiting the country on business are advised to extend their trip with a leisure component. Here it came in as the top African nation and fourth overall in the world, beaten only by New Zealand, France and Austria. Morocco also made it into the top 10, at nine.In the category of transparency of government policymaking – which indicates the ease with which businesses operating in a country have access to information about changes in government policies that could affect their activities – South Africa scored 35, coming in above developed nations such as Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal and the US.Other categories in which the country performed well included 31 for government prioritisation of the travel and tourism industry; 46 for stringency of environmental regulation; 39 for the number of environmental treaties it has ratified; 39 for the number of ATMs that accept Visa cards, per million of the population; 58 for cultural resources; 46 for the quality of its railroad infrastructure; and 42 for road quality.last_img read more

Eight features to know about on

first_img6. Personal cache notes (Premium feature)Pssst… Need to write a personal note to yourself about a cache, such as solved puzzle coordinates, details about a hide, or steps for a Multi-Cache? You can add and edit Personal cache notes both in the Geocaching® app and on Personal cache notes in the app can be added while offline and are saved with geocache details in Offline lists. Note: Personal cache notes are only viewable by the author.7. Public Bookmark ListsBookmark Lists are about what you’d expect: caches that are worth bookmarking and keeping track of. If you find a cache that you like, chances are it’s on a List that includes similar caches such as, Favorite Caches in Paris, Creative Hides, or Tree-climbing Caches. Lists are a great way to keep track of geocaches and can be public, shared, or private. To see if one of your favorite caches is on a public list, scroll down the geocache details page until “Bookmark Lists” appears on the right hand side. This displays all the Public Bookmark Lists that this particular geocache in on.8. Nearby Events on your DashboardWe recently introduced a personalized events calendar on your Dashboard. With one glance you can see the next geocaching event near you. It’s easy to RSVP, view details about the event, or browse other upcoming events.We hope surfacing these features will help you make the most of your geocaching adventures. Have we missed any lesser known features that you regularly use? Let us know in the comments below!Share with your Friends:More has so much to offer, there are plenty of amazing and helpful features that you may have never known existed. Put these eight features on your radar to up your find count and enhance your geocaching out in the field!1. Solution CheckerSo you’ve worked for hours to solve a puzzle, but how can you be certain, once you tromp all the way out into the middle of the woods that you’ll be at the correct final location? Elementary, my dear cacher! Confirm your coordinates with the Mystery Cache solution checker. This simple tool ensures that geocachers have solved for the correct coordinates before searching for the final container. If a cache owner opts to use a solution checker, you will find it on the cache details page.2. View your DNFs on the mapWant to know where your “previously Did Not Find” caches are so you can avenge them? All your DNF’d caches will display on the website and app map with blue, “saddy face” icons. The DNF icon makes it easy to identify which caches are your nemesis  so you can get back out there and turn those frowns upside down.3. Geocaching FriendsEver meet a cool cacher at an event or out on the trails? Become friends on and stay in touch. You can see what your geocaching friends are up to in the newsfeed of your Dashboard, message them via the Message Center, and add them to your Friend League!4. Friend LeagueNow that you have more geo-buddies, sign up for the Friend League! The Friend League is a leaderboard that shows you and your friends’ geocaching activity. Whenever you log a cache, attend an event, or engage in other geocaching activities, you collect points. Check your Friend League to see how you stack up against your friends!5. View LogbookThe logbook on a cache details page allows you to see if your geocaching friends have found that geocache. Click “View Logbook” just above the logs on cache details and easily view all logs, your logs, or your friends’ logs for that cache. Use the Logbook to get an idea of who you can call if you need to phone-a-friend on a tricky cache! SharePrint RelatedFour reasons to start using Project-GCMay 30, 2017In “Geocaching Weekly Newsletter”3 tips for finding Mystery CachesApril 10, 2018In “News”10 Useful Geocaching® app features you may not even know you haveMarch 23, 2017In “News”last_img read more

14 days agoSouthgate knew Chelsea star Mount would play for England at 16

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Southgate knew Chelsea star Mount would play for England at 16by Freddie Taylor14 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveEngland boss Gareth Southgate says that he knew Mason Mount would be a star for the national team when he was only 16.The Chelsea midfielder is set to get his first start in their upcoming Euro 2020 qualifiers.Mount will be in the team against the Czech Republic. And Southgate spoke about when he first saw Mount play several years ago.When asked what he thought about Mount after training him for a few days, England boss Southgate told reporters: “Exactly what I thought of him when I saw him at 16 playing for our U16s, he’s a quality player, an intelligent footballer, presses well, has a real eye for goal, good quality.”So, nothing I’ve seen surprises me at all. We’ve had him marked as a player from the first time I saw him at St. George’s [Park].”Chelsea would be the same on that, I think, but of course he’s now been able to have the opportunity to play in the Premier League and display that against top teams.”I think you saw his penalty in the Super Cup, [that] was a nice cameo of what he’s about, really.” last_img read more

Video: Texas And Baylor Nearly Brawled In Overtime Tonight

first_imgTexas and Baylor almost fight during game.Texas hosted No. 14 Baylor tonight, and the Longhorns needed the win to keep their NCAA Tournament hopes alive. They won 61-59 in overtime on a runner by guard Isaiah Taylor, but not before seven players from both teams were ejected following a serious scuffle in the extra session.The scrum started near the scorers table and resulted in multiple players leaving their respective benches. Assistant coaches and referees had to break up the action.A look at the fracas in Austin. Several #Texas players left the bench area, to join the scrum Maybe 1-2 #Baylor plyrs— Mike Leslie (@MikeLeslieTV) March 3, 2015Here’s a glance at the seven players who got the boot for their roles in the near melee.Seven players (4 Texas, 3 Baylor) have been ejected in #BAYvsTEX.— ESPN College BBall (@ESPNCBB) March 3, 2015Amazingly, Taylor, who was involved in starting the entire incident, not only didn’t get ejected but ended up winning the game with his floater in the lane. Longhorns head coach Rick Barnes needed this win, but it’ll be interesting to see if players from either team are suspended moving forward.last_img read more