A’s bench could play big role in wild-card game vs Yankees

first_imgNEW YORK — The A’s group of back-ups aren’t your normal bench players who get into a game once or twice per week. They’ve been just as responsible for this year’s playoff run as the starters, and they’ll get plenty of chances against the Yankees.The outfield bench duo of Mark Canha and Chad Pinder combined to club 30 homers this season, and the only reason the right-handed hitting Canha is not starting Wednesday night is because the Yankees will start a right-hander of their own in Luis …last_img read more

Kevon Looney vows to improve on rebounding and hustle plays in Game 5

first_imgKlay Thompson subscribes. You can too for just 11 cents a day for 11 months + receive a free Warriors Championship book. Sign me up!OAKLAND – The Warriors mostly center on Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Igudoala. Therefore, the Warriors only expect Kevon Looney to check off specific needs.Play with energy. Grab rebounds. Convert on putbacks. Set good screens. All of the little plays that make a big difference.Looney has fulfilled that job description for …last_img read more

Birds Go Splat on Evolutionary Theories

first_imgA flock of surprising traits of birds has dropped a load on simplistic notions of evolution.Birds evolved from apes:  How else can one explain the fact that “Crows join human, apes and monkeys in exhibiting advanced relational thinking“? (PhysOrg). A paper in Current Biology finds, “Such robust and uninstructed relational matching behavior represents the most convincing evidence yet of analogical reasoning in a nonprimate species” that is comparable to that of apes.  The scientists speculate that the findings are “perhaps representing a case of convergent evolution” of brain structures, but that’s all they want to speculate about how this “remarkable” capability that “excelled” at a task might have evolved:Just how that remarkable transfer is accomplished represents an intriguing matter for future study. Nor are we claiming that crows will prove to be the only nonprimate animals that are capable of exhibiting such spontaneous relational matching behavior. Future research must be undertaken in which different species are given comparable pretraining experience to our crows. Until such systematic comparative research is conducted, it would be premature to offer speculative evolutionary accounts as to why crows appear to have excelled in solving this challenging cognitive task.“Crows are smarter than you think,” says a press release from the University of Iowa; they “join humans, apes, and monkeys in exhibiting advanced relational thinking.”Birds forecast tornadoes:  Why did a flock of golden-winged warblers evacuate days before a devastating storm system hit Tennessee?  Could they hear it coming in low-frequency vibrations?  A population biologist from the University of Minnesota was “blown away” by this hypothesis, which has never before been documented in birds, says National Geographic.  “It shows that the birds can do more than we give them credit for.”  Sensing distant tornadoes sweeping across the Great Plains, the birds flew the coop from their traditional nesting grounds.  PhysOrg says that infrasound may be the birds’ “early warning system.”  The storms in April spun off 84 tornadoes and killed 35 people.  When the storms retreated, the birds came back, having flown 900 miles round trip for safety.  “We thought the birds were just hunkering down,” the biologist said.  “It never occurred to me that they might have evacuated.”  Science Daily found a way to insert the phrase “climate change” into the story.A boy is a rat is a cockroach is a bird:  A story on PhysOrg has this long headline: “Brain structures devoted to learning, memory highly conserved in animal kingdom, suggesting common evolutionary origin.” The article says that insects, birds, and humans all have common features in the way memory is organized, according to a survey by neuroscientists at the University of Arizona. Actually, this is not expected in evolutionary theory; any common ancestor of such widely divergent animals must have been much simpler, Darwin would say. “The correspondence across disparate groups of animals is extraordinary,” one of them said. “It’s almost too good to be true.”Hold your feathers, dino:  There was a bit of a flap in Science Magazine this week about feather origins.  Gerald Mayr, a museum official in Frankfurt, disputes an October 2014 paper that claimed feathers evolved first for display on dinosaurs.  “Hypotheses for their evolution in a nonaerodynamic context are therefore not only evolutionarily implausible but also not necessary to explain their origin,” he argues; feathers are for flying.  The German authors of the original paper defended their claim point by point.  “We emphasize that feathers did not ‘evolve for’ something; rather, their fortuitous [i.e., chance] appearance was associated with a selective advantage, which resulted in their retention.”  None of them explained how powered flight evolved in any detailed Darwinian way.  Interestingly, both appealed to Ken Dial’s 2003 WAIR hypothesis for the origin of flight (see 6/25/14).  If a better theory came about in the past 11 years, one would think they would cite it instead.Update 12/19/14: Birds build snow tunnels for fun:  New Scientist asks why redpolls in Maine dig long tunnels under the snow, but suggests it might just be like play in the winter wonderland for them.  When one starts, others join the fun.  Perhaps it insulates them from the cold outside, too, but the two purposes are not incompatible.Do you notice something tricky about evolutionary theory?—almost, one might say, magical?  Traits just “appear,” then Darwin comes in to “select” them.  In this case, advanced relational thinking appeared in crows.  Infrasound processing appeared in warblers.  Brain structures appeared in insects, birds and mammals.  Feathers made “their fortuitous appearance” in dinosaurs.  No explanation is given for their sudden, dramatic appearance out of the darkness, but then Darwin takes credit.  See our 8/24/07 commentary for the double entendre in the phrase, “evolution takes credit.” (Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Drive to help clear housing backlog

first_imgRay Maota Launched in 2010 by Minister TokyoSexwale, Lufhereng is a Department ofHuman Settlements housing developmentin the south of Johannesburg.. Minister of Human Settlements TokyoSexwale called on the private sector tohelp the government fulfil its obligationto give people affordable and dignifiedhousing.(Images: Ray Maota)MEDIA CONTACTS• Department of Human Settlements+27 12 421 1311The South African Department of Human Settlements recently launched a new campaign, appealing to the private sector to help it address the country’s housing backlog.Minister of Human Settlements Tokyo Sexwale launched the “Each-One-Settle-One” campaign at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) on 29 September 2011.The aim is to lobby various stakeholders, including the JSE’s Top 200 companies, to help in whatever way they can to supply decent shelter to those living in squalor.Sexwale said: “Government has built over 3-million subsidised housing units since 1994, but due to the increasing number of households, the decreasing household size and migration into urban areas, we cannot supply enough shelter for all.”According to the department, there are currently more than 2 500 slums accommodating homeless people in South Africa and increasing overcrowding in backyard dwellings. Some 2.1-million houses need to be built to provide 12-million people with decent living conditions.Subsidised housing costs the department R55 000 (US$6 000) per unit.The Human Settlements Department aims not only to build more houses, but to build communities with closer access to work and social amenities.More first-time homeownersImpala Platinum has joined the campaign by undertaking to provide 1 500 affordable, freestanding two- and three-bedroom units to its employees in Rustenburg, North West province, over three years.Some of the targeted employees are considered too risky by banks for financial assistance.Leon van Schalkwyk, group executive at Impala, said: “We are proud to be associated with the department in improving housing delivery and creating sustainable human settlements in South Africa, particularly in North West province.“The development is now sold out, which has enabled many employees to become first-time homeowners,” he added.Financial contributions to the campaign will be held in a separate bank account overseen by an independent board of trustees, while the department will hold quarterly media briefings to report on progress.These reports will also be available on the department’s website.Making the differenceIt is hoped that participation in the campaign will help South Africa achieve its goal of providing sustainable and dignified human settlements to all citizens.Individuals and companies can play their part by making financial pledges, donating their services, expertise, building material, time or land.Owners of homes whose employees live on their property can also help by providing permanent housing for their employee during his or her tenure.Socio-economic benefits of the campaign include job creation, skills development, individual dignity and community upliftment.Van Schalkwyk said: “Our goals are consistent with those of the campaign. We seek to build stable and sustainable communities and our investment in home ownership programmes underlies the company’s commitment to both its employees and the residents of North West province.”Endorsement by mining giantAnglo American Platinum (Amplats) has also thrown its weight behind the campaign.Amplats is building 20 000 houses for its employees over the next 10 years as part of its Employer Assisted Housing Scheme and will contribute R1.4-billion ($170-million) towards it.The mining giant will build 12 000 housing units in North West and 8 000 in Limpopo.More than 130 families have already moved into houses built in Seraleng in Rustenburg.These settlements are located close to the places where Amplats employees work.Khanyisile Kweyama, human resource executive at Amplats, said: “In everything we do, we strive to make a difference to the communities in which we operate and exceed their expectations.“Therefore, our housing initiative is in line with these values and emphasises our complete dedication to the sustainable development of these communities.”Kwayama added that the “Each-One-Settle-One” campaign is a great opportunity for the corporate sector to come together under one initiative, as a united approach can achieve more.last_img read more

Free Camera Log for Film and Video Productions

first_imgStay organized on-set and in the editing bay with this free camera log for use on film and video productions.When it comes to filmmaking or video production, there’s always a lot of information to remember when you sit down in the editing bay. If you’ve ever been an editor on a disorganized set, you know it can be incredibly frustrating to not know which audio clips go with which video clips. This is where a camera log comes into play.By using a camera log on-set, cinematographers and directors can convey information to the editor for each shot. By taking the time to fill out this form on set you can save you or your editor a lot of time in post.With that in mind, we’ve created a camera log for you to use on your next production – and it’s totally free. To download it, simply click the download link below. If you’ve never used a camera log on-set, here’s some quick information about how to use one:What is a Camera Log?A camera log serves as a tool to communicate information between the cinematographer and the editor. While on set, the cinematographer (or camera assistant, depending on the size of the production) will fill out information related to the camera settings for each shot. This helps both the editor and cinematographer understand details pertaining to each shot. On the form there is also a field for notes, where you can add any on-set notes that are important for post-production.It’s important to note that a camera log is different than an editing log. Unlike an editing log, the camera log doesn’t have timecode information, which might be useful if you are working on a large-scale production or working with film. However, in the digital age you can usually get by with not physically writing down timecode information on-set. So depending on your shoot, you can probably simply replace a traditional editing log with a camera log like the free one provided below.When is a camera log used?A camera log is used anytime the cinematographer wants to save camera information for post-production or external referencing. While you probably won’t use a camera log if you are a director/cinematographer on a small shoot, having a camera log on a medium to large scale shoot can help you stay organized and help streamline the editing process.Once inside the editing bay, an editor can use the camera log to help sync the correct audio and video together. The notes tab can also be used to convey information regarding the shoot and special considerations in the editing bay.How is a camera log used?A camera log is a fairly straight-forward form to use. Simply fill out each respective field for each shot. Let’s break down each field below:   Lens     Focal Length   Scene     Scene # You will typically print out a few camera logs and bring them to the set. While on set, either the cinematographer or assistant camera operator will fill out the camera log with the appropriate information. After a shoot has wrapped, the camera log will be saved and given to the editor to be used in post production. If you are a cinematographer,  you might also want to save a copy for yourself to reference in the future.You can download the form by clicking the text below. There are two templates included in the download: One to fill out by hand and another to fill out on a computer. You can use Preview on a Mac or Adobe Acrobat on a PC to edit the computer template. The interactive file can also be uploaded and filled out on an iPad if you want to go paper-free.DOWNLOAD FREE CAMERA LOG HEREInterested in learning more about filmmaking? Check out our blog here on PremiumBeat. We have hundreds of articles dedicated to helping you become a better filmmaker.Have any tips for using a Camera Log? Share experiences with us in the comments below.   Notes    Any extra notes regarding the camera or shot as it pertains to cinematography not continuity.   Speed     ISO, Gain, or Film Speed   Sound    Sound File #center_img   Stop     F-Stop or T-Stop #   Card     Video File #   SS     Shutter Speed or Shutter Angle   TK     Take #   Filter     Types of Filters Used if Any (ND, Graduated, etc.)last_img read more

Why No One Wants to Buy Your Product

first_imgThere is something salespeople do that makes selling more difficult. They don’t mean to do it, and many still don’t know what they should do differently and why what they’re doing makes selling more difficult. What they are doing is leading with their products.It is easy to get hyped up about your product, especially if you work in a company that develops great products. A lot of the internal conversations are about how the product is better than what came before it and how it is better than any of your competitors. A lot of the company goals cascade down to the sales force and salespeople are measured against these targets. It’s easy to talk about the cool stuff you are creating and even more so when you are measured and rewarded for doing so.But here is the rub. People don’t want to buy your product or service. This is a point I made in The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need where I quoted Theodore Levitt from Harvard Business School who said, “People don’t want to buy drills. They want to buy quarter-inch holes.” To view what you are doing in sales you have to reverse the order and start with the holes.When you lead with the product, you are starting the sales conversation at Level 1, which is product and features and benefits and advantages. This works against you because I haven’t yet agreed that I need the holes that your drill produces. Worst still, I may already be getting the holes I need from the drill I have now. When you lead from what I call Level 4, which is strategic, you lead with the idea that the client needs better holes, they need to improve the speed at which they produce those holes, they need holes that better serve their clients, holes that allow them to increase their profits, holes that help to capture greater market share or holes that position them to move their organization to a place where they can leap to some new type of hole altogether.Outcomes drive solutions. Outcomes drive the choice of product. But most important is that fact that outcomes drive the need to change, a result that is more difficult for product alone.Like a lot of things, you need to reverse what you are doing to produce greater results. To go faster, slow down. To make producing results easier, do what is most difficult. And to sell more product, sell the outcomes instead. Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Aqua Aerobics: Water protects your muscles and keeps you fresh

first_imgAqua AerobicsBeing in deep water no longer spells trouble. With the capital waking up to the benefits of aqua aerobics-which burns up to 500 calories an hour against 400 calories in regular aerobics- the blue depths are set to play host to scores of gym-shy Delhiites looking to shed extra,Aqua AerobicsBeing in deep water no longer spells trouble. With the capital waking up to the benefits of aqua aerobics-which burns up to 500 calories an hour against 400 calories in regular aerobics- the blue depths are set to play host to scores of gym-shy Delhiites looking to shed extra kilos this summer.One hour of aqua aerobics can help burn up to 500 calories and improve one’s flexibility without stressing the joints. Plus, it works for all age groups.Aqua aerobics, which involves performing aerobic exercises in water, with or without the use of props, is suitable for people of all age groups and fitness levels. Believed to have been conceived by American fitness legend Jack LaLanne in the 50s, it has now become popular with both men and women all over the world. In Delhi, it is practised and taught by three personal trainers. This intensive cardio vascular exercise is best done in temperatures ranging between 23C and 30C. Since the pull of gravity is minimised in water, aqua aerobics helps to improve flexibility without putting pressure on joints, thereby making it easier for a person to flex his joints through a wide range of motions. Also, it works well for those who are self-conscious about working out in groups at a gym because they are obese or can’t match steps with the rest of the group. Even a 65-year-old can easily match steps with an energetic 20-year-old in the pool. And yes, you don’t have to be a swimmer to sign up as the exercises are done in chest-deep water.According to Cristiana Pipoli, the Brazilian instructor at Hotel Jaypee Vasant Continental, “Water protects your muscles and keeps you fresh. In fact exercises such as frog jumps, which help tone the inner thighs, are best done in water.”Cristiana Pipoli (in black cap) conducts an aqua workout sessionPipoli has been teaching aqua aerobics for the past 16 years, of which the last four have been in Delhi. Her classes consist of 30 basic exercises that work the upper body, abdominals, thighs, gluteus and calves. She mixes and matches exercises, but ensures there is a complete head-to-toe workout every session. Each class begins with a short warm up session and abdominal exercises, which are done on land. “To add to the intensity of my regimes, I incorporate martial art techniques like Tae Bo (which includes movements from taekwondo and boxing), along with sports movements from soccer, baseball and volleyball,” says the instructor. “Even those with problems in the knee and ankle area can do these exercises easily since water supports nearly 90 per cent of body weight.”Adds personal trainer Nisha Varma: “On land, the vertical force that impacts the body while running is three times the body weight; while in water, the impact is almost negligible.”Aqua trainersKIRAN SAWHNEY: At: Fitness solution. 193 Greater Kailash-II. Tel: 29216500, 9810530027.CRISTIANA PIPOLI: At: Jaypee Vasant Continental, Vasant Vihar. Tel: 26148800.NISHA VARMA: At: Reebok India Company, Gurgaon. Tel: 9810493313.BHARAT SACHDEVA: Tel: 9350026373.That’s one of the factors that make aqua aerobics particularly suitable for obese people. Kiran Sawhney, owner of GK-based fitness studio Fitness solution: “The buoyancy of water makes aqua aerobics apt for obese people, while the resistance offered by water helps strengthen core muscles and improve flexibility.” Sawhney, who conducts personal training sessions in aqua aerobics, remembers teaching a lady who weighed more than 100 kg. After just one month of training, she lost 6 kg and was able to do floor exercises which were earlier too uncomfortable for her.Even sportspersons can benefit from a liquid workout, says Bharat Sachdeva who conducts swimming lessons at Modern School, Barakhamba. “Not only do pool sessions help people lose weight, they also aid in recovery from injuries. This is especially true for swimmers, footballers and hockey players who can use pool workouts to strengthen the spine, correct their posture and stay in shape,” he says. Exercising in water is a great stress-buster, adds Varma who uses props like dumbbells, therabands/ resistance tubes and air-filled pads to make her workouts more challenging.Aqua aerobics instructor Kiran SawhneyThough Jaypee’s Pipoli mainly has expat women for clients, she sees the popularity of aqua aerobics growing fast in Delhi. Last year, of the 35 students she trained, eight were Indian- six women and two men. “The main problem is that Indian women are not comfortable with swimsuits that need to be worn for these workouts. Another hiccup is the lack of good swimming pools. The pools that are well-maintained encourage swimming rather than aqua aerobics,” says Pipoli.But don’t let that deter you. Find the right pool and trainer, take the plunge and splash your way from flab to fab this summer. Water WorkoutsAQUA/ BUOYANCY BELT Holds exercisers upright in water, enabling jogging, walking and kick ups and knee ups.DUMBBELLS Water acts upon high density foam dumbbells, thereby increasing their weight. They can be used for arm curls, punch downs, chest presses and punch outs.RESISTANCE TUBE Made of latex, this is used to exercise the upper body while jogging.AIR PAD These work in a manner which is similar to that of dumbbells.FOAM ROLL This floats on water and is used for leg presses as well as other exercises that can be done with dumbbells.MITTS Worn on the hand so that water does not prevent one from exercising comfortably. There are also special mitts to be worn on the feet.NOODLE Used for exercises done while floating on the stomach. Helps work the outer thighs and abs.advertisementadvertisementlast_img read more