Kevon Looney vows to improve on rebounding and hustle plays in Game 5

first_imgKlay Thompson subscribes. You can too for just 11 cents a day for 11 months + receive a free Warriors Championship book. Sign me up!OAKLAND – The Warriors mostly center on Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Igudoala. Therefore, the Warriors only expect Kevon Looney to check off specific needs.Play with energy. Grab rebounds. Convert on putbacks. Set good screens. All of the little plays that make a big difference.Looney has fulfilled that job description for …last_img read more

Heating a New House in Nova Scotia

first_imgIn the Canadian maritime province of Nova Scotia, a GBA reader named Janet is building a new weekend home whose heating system will include both a wood stove and radiant-floor heat powered by a ground-source heat pump. The two-level, 2,000-square-foot house will consist of a walkout basement with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a laundry room, plus an upper floor with a kitchen and living room and another bedroom and bath. The house will be well insulated: R-20 under the slab, R-34 basement walls, R-24 second-floor walls, and R-60 in the attic. The first floor slab will be concrete, which Janet plans to heat with in-floor tubing. On the second floor, Janet will install a wood stove that she plans on using regularly when she’s there.RELATED ARTICLESAll About Radiant FloorsAre Affordable Ground-Source Heat Pumps On the Horizon?All About Wood Stoves “We are unsure of what other heat, if any, we need to install on this level,” Janet writes in a Q&A post. “How much heat can we expect on the 2nd floor from the 1st level in-floor heat?” Installing hydronic heat on the second floor — either in-floor tubing or baseboard radiators — seems like overkill because it won’t be used when the wood stove is running, she says. Would a few baseboard electric units do the trick? That’s the question for this Q&A Spotlight. Ground-source heat is expensive A ground-source heat pump (sometimes called a geothermal heating system) is the “most capital-intensive heating system imaginable,” Walter Ahlgrim tells Janet, and it will do little to make the second floor of the house comfortable. “How many hours a day will you spend in the basement enjoying the warm floors?” he asks. “Or is that money better spent upstairs where you would benefit from it every day?” Ahlgrim says that wood stoves and high-performance houses are rarely a good combination. That said, he adds, without a Manual J calculation to estimate heating and cooling loads, “everyone is just guessing how the system will work.” Peter Engle thinks that the radiant-floor system on the first floor will be enough to keep the second level from freezing, but it may seem a little chilly. “Even a very small wood stove may overheat the space,” Engle says. He also points to the high cost of a ground-source heat pump given the relatively small amount of heat Janet will need in a well-insulated building. The system will cost $20,000 Although Janet is still waiting for a final number, the preliminary quote for a ground-source heating system is C$20,000, which the installer says will pay for itself in between 5 and 7 years. The alternative is a wall-hung electric boiler. One reason that ground-source heat pumps are so expensive is that heat exchange tubing is typically installed in trenches or in wells, either one of which can add considerably to excavation costs. But in Janet’s case, the property will be dug up anyway for the driveway, septic system, and yard. That may help reduce the costs, but the system itself is flawed, writes Andrew C. “Knowing that one should never say ‘never,’ you should never put geothermal into a well-built house with reasonable air-sealing and insulation,” Andrew says. “It costs too much, requires one-off engineering design and installation, and likely (by all accounts) to significantly under-perform calculations. Other than one or two die-hard advocates, few that haunt the GBA website promote the use of geothermal. It can be done correctly, but it’s rare, and still more expensive.” Further, the concrete slab won’t feel warm under foot until the temperature rises to about 80°F, says Dick Russell. “The heat loss from the building will be very low (if it’s properly built), so with little way for the heat to escape, making the entire floor that warm would raise the room temperature to the upper 70s, which would feel stifling,” he says. “Modulating the water temperature to keep the floor in the low 70s won’t make the floor feel warm to bare feet, so why go to the expense of installing all that plumbing in the slab?” Windows could make an important contribution Robert Opaluch raises a new issue: the potential for solar gain through any south-facing windows on the first floor. “If your walkout level faces southward, the south side is longer than east and west sides, and you have more or larger windows facing south, and are not obstructed much by trees or other buildings, or some combination of these … your wintertime solar heat gains could be substantial,” Opaluch writes. “If facing north, very little solar heat gain.” Although windows and doors account for a small proportion of the building envelope, he adds, they often lose as much or more heat than the walls and ceiling. Argon-filled insulated glazing units, or the addition of a suspended-film Heat Mirror insulated unit, is usually a minor upcharge that can improve performance substantially, Opaluch says. “You didn’t mention it, but I hope you are budgeting for good quality windows,” he adds. The mini ductless option Russell installed a ground-source heat pump in his own home in New Hampshire, and has been satisfied with the results. He minimized installation expenses by using a well for the heat exchange, and distributes heat throughout his house with forced air rather than a hydronic tubing in the floor. Even so, Russell wonders whether Janet would be better off with air-source heat pumps instead of the arrangement she’s proposed. “Even with these circumstances, a couple of minisplit air-source heat pumps provide a low-cost and efficient way to heat a superinsulated house and ought to be considered,” he says. This is exactly the plan GBA Editor Martin Holladay would endorse. “There are three things wrong with your plan,” he writes. “One, you don’t want in-floor hydronic heat. Two, you don’t want a ground-source heat pump. Three, you don’t want a wood stove. “Except for that,” Holladay adds, “your plan is fine.” He suggests, as other GBA readers did, that air-source minisplit heat pumps — either ducted or ductless — would heat the house “at a cost that is thousands of dollars less than the equipment you describe, without any of the combustion-air problems associated with wood stoves.” Fine tuning the building envelope Janet plans on insulating the foundation walls with rigid foam, but makes no mention of adding a layer of rigid insulation to the outside of the second-floor walls. The “old school” builder will use housewrap and, Janet assumes, a rainscreen beneath the wood clapboard siding. “Housewrap is a good step,” Opaluch says. “I’d worry that an ‘old school’ builder may not pay attention to the many details that can result in a fairly leaky home.” He points to the importance of air-sealing details for windows and doors, mud sills, vents, attic openings, and other trouble spots. “Two more things to point out,” Yupster adds. “You said R-24 walls but didn’t mention any exterior board insulation to eliminate thermal bridging. Please be aware that if you are just installing R-24 fiberglass batts, which is very common in Canada, then the actual performance of R-24 insulation in framing 16 inches on-center is only R-15.” Don’t use the word “eliminate” when discussing the value of continuous insulation on the outside of framed walls, suggests Dana Dorsett. The proper word would be “mitigate.” That aside, insulating concrete forms might be a good alternative for basement walls. He says a number of ICF foundations can hit whole-wall values of R-34, including one from Logix. Our expert’s opinion Peter Yost, GBA’s technical director, had this to say: I decided to send Janet an email to find out a bit more about her project. She told me that building started this week, that they had an architect help them with the design, and that they do have a builder. Still, I’m afraid there are just too many unknowns here to guarantee the performance of Janet’s home will meet her expectations. How well any heating system services the first and second floor spaces in this home can’t be determined without a lot more information on building enclosure performance, particularly concerning airtightness. With air leakage comprising between 25% to 40% of total heat loss in any home in a cold climate, knowing more about air sealing details, air control layer continuity, and plans for blower door testing is a must. I found this document on the building code for Nova Scotia, indicating that there are three options for meeting the airtightness requirement, one prescriptive (“Clause a”) and two performance-based (“Clauses b and c”) under Section A- (1) “Controlling Air Leakage.” While I could not find a required building airtightness number, it sure seems as though Janet and her builder need to get a real handle on this issue. In terms of rainscreen claddings, I found this document on Nova  Scotia building code requirements for vented air space behind all wall claddings. Just as in all Canadian coastal areas, you need a 10 mm (3/8-inch) ventilated rainscreen regardless of what type of cladding you use.last_img read more

Swimmers earn spot on US National Team

The red, white and blue are getting a little help from the Scarlet and Gray.Ohio State swimmers Elliot Keefer and Tim Phillips have been named to the U.S. Men’s National Team, and will compete in the 2010 Pan Pacific Championships in Irvine, Calif., on Aug. 18-22. OSU is the only university to boast two undergraduate swimmers on the U.S. team.“Representing Ohio State here is just awesome because there aren’t a lot of Big Ten schools there, so representing Ohio State and the Big Ten on the national stage is awesome,” said Keefer, a senior from Loveland, Ohio. “And it doesn’t get any better than representing your country.”The two Buckeyes made the U.S. Team for their performances at the 2010 ConocoPhillips U.S. National Championships in Irvine last weekend. Keefer placed third in the 200m breaststroke and Phillips placed third in the 100m butterfly.Qualifying for the U.S. Team now gives them a chance to join an even better team, as they are close to making the 2012 U.S. Olympic team. Both will be headed to London if they improve to second place on their strokes at the 2012 Olympic Trials.“It’s going be tough,” Keefer said. “It’s going to be a lot of training but I’m hoping to keep dropping my times. I’ll just keep working my way up, making baby steps and make my way up with the best guys there.”The Pan Pacific Championships will be the first international competition for Keefer, who won the Big Ten Conference Championship in 2010 for the 100m breaststroke, and was a three-event All-American at the 2010 NCAA Championships. Phillips has competed internationally on three Junior National Teams in 2008 and 2009, but he believes being on the U.S. Team will top those experiences.“It’s a feeling that you can’t describe,” said Phillips, a sophomore from Vienna, W. Va. “I’m assuming it’s a lot better than what it’s been like on the Junior Team because now I’ll be competing for the big National Team, and I feel like it’s going to be an experience out of this world.”Phillips was an All-American in four events as a freshman, and was the Big Ten runner-up in the 100m butterfly in 2010. Although the 2012 Olympics will coincide with his junior year at OSU, he remains undecided on his plans for that year.“I’m going to see how this summer and next summer go and make a decision on what my junior year will be school wise,” Phillips said. “I may take a year off to train, but I’m really not sure. It’s a couple years out and I haven’t discussed that yet.”Keefer and Phillips are still in Irvine with the U.S. Team. As they prepare for the Pan Pacific Championships, OSU swimming coach Bill Wadley is excited about their upcoming events.“This is the opportunity of a lifetime for these young men, and it’s just a great thrill for me as a coach to be able to support and help encourage them to reach this level of excellence,” Wadley said. “They’re extremely coachable, talented young men who’ve come a long way, not just in one year, but over several years.”Aside from being teammates, the two have been close friends ever since Phillips went to live with Keefer during the summer of his freshman year. Despite only being a sophomore, Keefer expects Phillips to help him lead the Buckeyes this season.“Tim and I have a great friendship,” Keefer said. “He’s a very talented individual who’s going to have so much experience at a younger level. He’ll be able to lead as a younger teammate as well and help support what me and other seniors have to do this year.”The team will need leadership from both of them after graduating 12 seniors from last season’s Big Ten Conference Championship team that finished in ninth in the NCAA Championships. “It will be a little bit of a rebuilding year, but we definitely have enough talent to do it,” Keefer said. “My job will be to lead and drive the troops toward that goal and get a top ten finish in NCAA [Championships].”Although they have their work cut out for them, Wadley knows Keefer and Phillips have the right attitude and dedication to not only to lead OSU next year, but also to accomplish their goals for international competition.“They give it up in practice,” Wadley said. “I can’t tell you the last time I had to tell them to work harder. They’re just the kind of young men that are self-motivated, self-driven and love what they do.” read more

Jared Sullinger to leave Ohio State for NBA Draft

Jared Sullinger is heading for the NBA. Sullinger announced Wednesday that he plans to forego his final two seasons of collegiate eligibility and enter the NBA Draft during a press conference at the Schottenstein Center. “I sat down with my family and we pretty much came up with the decision and I think it’s best for me to try to go at it at the next level,” Sullinger said. “And also, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt this program or any of the guys that’s a part of this program. I just thought it was best for me to (go pro).” OSU coach Thad Matta said it was time for Sullinger to head to the NBA. “I’ve always said he’s one of the most intellectual players I’ve ever coached,” Matta said. “The timing is definitely right.” The announcement comes just four days after OSU’s NCAA Tournament run ended with a 64-62 Final Four loss to Kansas Saturday at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. After the loss, Sullinger said he had not made a decision on his NBA future and did not set a timetable for announcing the decision. writer Chad Ford lists Sullinger as the No. 10 player on his ranking of the top 100 collegiate prospects. The player could become the seventh first-round NBA draft choice produced by OSU coach Thad Matta. During his two seasons in scarlet and gray, Sullinger started 73 of the 74 games he played, the now-former sophomore forward scored 1,282 points, hauled in 717 rebounds and tallied 59 blocks while also dishing out 89 assists. The Buckeyes won 65 games during his two seasons at OSU, earning the team the No. 1-overall seed and a No. 2 seed in the 2011 and 2012 NCAA Tournaments, respectively. OSU also claimed the outright 2011 Big Ten regular season championship, the 2011 Big Ten Tournament Championship and a share of the 2012 Big Ten regular season title. Sullinger received Associated Press First-Team All-American honors in consecutive seasons at the Schottenstein Center. Sullinger also racked up the 2011 Big Ten Freshman of the Year, as well as selections to the 2011 and 2012 Big Ten All-Tournament team. OSU sophomore forward Deshaun Thomas, who is suspected by some to be considering an NBA future as well, also would not set a timetable for the future of his basketball career after the Buckeyes’ loss to the Jayhawks. From his Twitter account, @DT1UpNComin, Thomas tweeted Wednesday at about 1:20 p.m.: “Got time.”   Matta said he is in the process of gathering information from NBA teams to help Thomas make the best decision. Stay tuned to The Lantern for more. read more

Former Ohio State linebacker David Perkins arrested in Bowling Green on multiple

Courtesy of OSU athletic departmentFormer Ohio State linebacker David Perkins was arrested on charges of criminal trespassing, criminal mischief, criminal damaging and underage/under the influence of alcohol in Bowling Green, Ohio during the early morning hours of May 25.Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer confirmed Thursday that Perkins is no longer a member of the OSU football team. An OSU athletics spokesman said Perkins had already left the program prior to the arrest.“David asked to be able to contact other schools for the purpose of possibly transferring sometime around the start of the ‘Maymester’ and he has not been around the program since,” said athletics spokesman Jerry Emig in an email.Bowling Green Police received a call at approximately 2:45 a.m. on the morning of May 25 from a female resident on Pike Street, which is located outside of Bowling Green State University’s campus. The resident informed police that Perkins was attempting to enter her home, according to the police report.The resident told police that Perkins attempted to enter her home multiple times. Perkins told police that he knew who lived at the house. The female resident, however, told police neither she nor her roommate knew Perkins.After attempting to enter the home once, the resident told police Perkins walked across the street to a car. Police found the car with the driver’s door window shattered out and with blood on the driver’s door, steering wheel and gear shift area. The owner of the car told police she did not know Perkins.The resident told police Perkins then returned to the residence and attempted to enter again, while repeatedly yelling “Let me in (expletive)” and “Answer me now.”Police arrested Perkins at the scene, where they found him with “blood all over his hands and clothes and large cuts on his right wrist.” The police report also stated Perkins had “wet pants as if he had urinated on himself.”Perkins was transported to Wood County Hospital following his arrest to receive treatment for his cuts. The 20-year-old told emergency room staff he had consumed beer and liquor prior to the arrest.Perkins is scheduled to appear as a defendant on the four charges in Bowling Green Municipal Court on June 10.Perkins did not respond to The Lantern’s request for comment.The South Bend, Ind. native played in nine games during his freshman season with the Buckeyes last year. He played primarily on special teams, but recorded six tackles and one pass breakup. read more

Review Liverpool – Roma

first_imgAfter a slow start, Liverpool woke up and thanks in large part to the magical Egyptian Mo Salah (2 goals, 2 assists) defeated Roma 5-2.There were no surprises in Jurgen Klopp’s starting lineup. Karius was on goal, Andy Robertson, Van Dijk, Lovren and Alexander-Arnold formed the defense, Milner, Henderson and Oxlade-Chamberlain were the midfielders and Mo Salah, Firmino and Mane was the deadly trio up front. After the rare tactical switch versus Barcelona, Eusebio Di Francesco went back to his regular formation. As usual, Alisson Becker was Roma’s goalkeeper, Juan Jesus, Manolas and Fazio were the three central defenders, Florenzi and Kolarov were the wing backs, while De Rossi, Strootman and Nainggolan were the midfield destroyers. Cengiz Under was the player who was supposed to be the second striker behind Edin Dzeko.It was a grey, rainy night in Liverpool, but you wouldn’t know it based on the rocking atmosphere at the stadium. The most interesting moment of the first 15 minutes was the breaking of the assistant referee’s flag and the failure to find a suitable replacement. He had to “wave” the plastic stick for a couple of minutes. Liverpool appeared phlegmatic, unable to handle Roma’s high press and defensive formation. It didn’t look like the Liverpool we’ve got used to seeing this season.Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain hyper-extended his knee while making a tackle and had to be subbed off in the 17th minute of the match. Gio Wijnaldum came onto the pitch to replace him. In the 18th minute, Kolarov took a long-range shot. The ball swerved and faked out Karius, who managed to get some fingertips on it, just enough for the ball to hit the cross bar instead of the net. In the 29th minute, Sadio Mane broke loose and had an enormous opportunity to score. He was one on one with Roma’s goalkeeper, yet failed to find the net. A few seconds later, he had another chance, as Salah found him in the box, but once again, he missed badly. Then, Salah had a shot of his own saved by Alisson. The Reds were finally waking up.Mo Salah did what Mo Salah does best in the 36th minute – score wonderful goals. He set himself up for a fabulous curling left-footed strike from the edge of the box that ended up in the upper corner. No keeper in the world could’ve stopped that. The rocky start was officially over. Thanks to some Salah magic, Klopp’s men were up 1-0. A couple of minutes later, Lovren was left all alone during a Liverpool corner. His header hit the cross bar, but it should’ve hit the net. The Reds were riding their momentum. Alisson was forced to make another save on a Wijnaldum effort.divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…The game had turned from a lull to a drag race in a heart bit. At the stroke of 45 minutes, the little Egyptian struck again. Liverpool beat Roma’s high press with a couple of passes. Firmino started pushing the ball and saw Salah making a run. He passed the ball to Premier League’s Player of the Year, who then elegantly chipped the ball over Alisson’s outstretched legs for a 2-0 Liverpool lead. The Brazilian keeper was unnecessarily way out of his goal line. Roma’s former player wasn’t celebrating his goals, but was punishing his former team nevertheless. The Italians were shell-shocked going into the break and their coach was understandably concerned.The Czech international Patrik Schick replaced the invisible Cengiz Under at half-time. Roma was having real trouble coping with Liverpool’s speed. Salah beat an offside trap, went into the penalty area and had all the time in the world to pick out a pass. He found Mane, who simply couldn’t miss from that position. 3-0 Liverpool. The Reds had total control and were turning a Champions League semi-final into a stroll in the park. Roma’s players didn’t know what hit them. They were constantly shouting at each other, annoyed at the inability to counter their opponent’s play.Klopp found the weak spot in Roma’s tactical positioning and his players were exploiting it. Salah was finding acres of space and in the 61st minute, he used it once again. This time, he freed himself up by dribbling past his opponent and then found an open Roberto Firmino. The Brazilian striker tapped the ball in and the advantage rose to four. Maxime Gonalons and Diego Perotti for De Rossi and Juan Jesus were Di Francesco’s first moves from the bench. Moments later, Firmino scored his second goal in succession and The Reds’ 5th of the contest through a corner kick header.With 15 minutes to go, Klopp decided to take off Salah. He received the most deserved standing ovation of the season. Ings was his replacement. Roma got a goal back courtesy of Edin Dzeko in the 81st minute. Nainggolan sent a long ball from the center of the midfield. Lovren misjudged his jump, leaving Dzeko alone with Karius. The Bosnian calmly scored into the near corner and it was 5-1. Then, Roma grabbed a second away goal when Nainggolan’s shot hit Milner’s hand in the penalty area and Perotti converted the ensuing penalty kick. Roma didn’t give up, Liverpool fell asleep and all of a sudden, there was light at the end on the tunnel for the Italians. Can they repeat the comeback against Barcelona? Probably not, but it can’t be ruled out.last_img read more

World Cup tickets still available

first_imgFans can still buy tickets to watch the World Cup matches as tickets are still available for sale for at least 20 matches including England’s Group G opener against Tunisia, according to Daily Mail.With the tournament kicking off tomorrow afternoon when Russia face Saudi Arabia, there are still several group stage matches that have failed to sell out.It appears Volgograd, where Gareth Southgate’s team will start their campaign is struggling to attract crowds.  Although not one of the four matches held in the 45,000-seater stadium will yet be played in front of a capacity crowd. The Mordovia Arena in Saransk, Ekaterinburg Arena and Samara Arena are also not being filled to capacity.Tickets are on sale for four of the first six group matches, while the opening game only sold out on yesterday.ScotlandScotland needs a hero: Billy Dodds Manuel R. Medina – September 10, 2019 According to former striker, Billy Dodds his country needs a hero to inspire future generations as the team’s hope to qualify to the EURO 2020 is small.FIFA admits the lack of sold out stadiums is down to a batch of 120,000 extra tickets which were put on sale last week.Even for England’s game, there are still tickets to see France take on Australia in Kazan on Saturday afternoon, as well as Colombia against Senegal.Saudi Arabia’s clash with Egypt in Group A has the largest amounts of tickets still available, with medium availability in Category 1 and low availability in Category 2.last_img read more

Jamaica on path to Economic Independence

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppUnited States, August 16, 2017 – Washington – Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency Audrey Marks, says Jamaica is firmly on the path to attaining the true national mission of this generation, that of achieving and establishing economic independence.Delivering the keynote address at the Atlanta Jamaican Association Independence Ball on Saturday night (August 12) at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Atlanta, Ambassador Marks said the country’s first focus after Independence was to build “exemplary social and political institutions for our young nation”.“We have, by any measure, achieved our political objectives as a stable and democratic country,” she said, noting that Jamaica is considered to be among the most democratic nations in the Western Hemisphere.Ambassador Marks said the island has also stamped its mark on the world in the cultural realm, particularly in the areas of music and sports.“Rastafari is considered as the only new religion of the 20th and 21st centuries. We produced reggae music as an authentic musical form that has influenced the world dramatically,” she pointed out.She noted that in the area of sports, “we have excelled beyond the wildest expectations, producing world-beaters and legends, particularly in athletics, cricket, boxing, netball and swimming. Music and sports are areas we once considered major recreational pastimes only, but, today, are respected as two of the world’s emerging cultural industries, generating billions of dollars in revenue”.Ambassador Marks told the nearly 800 attendees that the task now is to prepare the nation for long-term economic growth.“We have to cultivate and maximise these cultural and other industries to the economic benefit of Jamaica in much the same way as countries with natural resources such as oil, gas, or gold,” she pointed out.“My message tonight is about building on the foundation of political, organisational and cultural maturity to achieve economic independence,” she said, noting that the “entire Jamaican nation at home and aboard must be mobilised and inspired to action”.Ambassador Marks said the positive economic indicators now being experienced, together with the fiscal prudence and skilful management by the Government, “will no doubt help fuel and propel the economy towards the goal of economic independence”.last_img read more

Lakeside Rodeo under construction before annual event in April

first_img Posted: February 21, 2018 Allie Wagner Allie Wagner, 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsKUSI’s Allie Wagner was live at the Lakeside Rodeo where construction is underway ahead of their annual event on April 26.An all volunteer group of 45 community minded members, The El Capitan Stadium Association (ECSA), a 501 (c) 3 non profit, has been dedicated to providing support to the Youth of Lakeside, CA for over 54 years. Rodeo has a long history in Lakeside, starting in 1920… out of that history, the organization El Capitan Stadium Association as Lakeside Rodeo formed 54+ years ago to build a permanent facility to continuously provide funding for the Youth of Lakeside.The Rodeo buildings and grounds are an important fundraiser venue for the Youth of Lakeside and are available for public rental 10 months of the year; from the air conditioned main hall equipped with a full kitchen to the professional arena that stands in the glow of a new State-of-the-Art Marquee. With plenty of parking available, the grounds and buildings provide a low cost venue for your events. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Lakeside Rodeo under construction before annual event in April February 21, 2018last_img read more