Warn Children About The Dangers Of Social Media By Wendy McNamara

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Here in Evansville, a young man named Mason died several days after being found unresponsive at his home. According to his parents, he played the “choking game” where kids are challenged to experience the feeling of suffocation.I have spoken with Mason’s parents about their son, and I want to help them share his story so we can prevent this from happening to other kids. Kids often don’t realize just how dangerous these “games” are until it’s too late.Parents need to be aware of the irreversible consequences of some social media challenges in order to help stop preventable tragedies like this from occurring.Some videos and posts across social media outlets like YouTube and Facebook glorify reckless behavior as entertainment. That’s why parents and mentors need to educate vulnerable young Hoosiers about the dangers. I am committed to sharing #Mason’sMessage, and I ask you to click here to like his Facebook page and join in keeping our children safe from the negative aspects of social media. As a school principal, I am increasingly concerned about the dangers of social media and online games present to our children.last_img read more

Live postgame video: Warriors beat Rockets in Game 5

first_imgCLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the video on a mobile deviceWatch the live reactions from Warriors coach Steve Kerr and Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni as well as the players following Wednesday night’s thrilling Game 5 of the Western Conference playoffs.The Warriors grabbed a 3-2 series advantage with the 104-99 win at Oracle but also suffered a loss. Golden State was dealt a rough blow when Kevin Durant left the game with a strained right calf in the second half. His status for …last_img read more

Feeding Farmers Week #2 – Ellis Farms, Clinton County

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Tuesday’s cooler than normal temperatures greeted the crew of the Ohio Ag Net as they ventured to Clinton County for the second installment of the 2015 Feeding Farmers in the Field sponsored by AgriGold Hybrids. The week’s winners were Ellis Farms – a corn, soybean, and wheat operation unique in the fact that it is also a successful pheasant hunting preserve.Scott and Matt Ellis lead the operation. Overall, the two said that rain would be very welcome and their planting season was quick. Now, the farm is attempting to catch up on spraying.“April was cold and wet for us. A lot of people around here didn’t get in until the last week, right before the first of May,” said Scott Ellis. “Wheat in particular didn’t get in putting pre-plant ammonia on until about the 26th or 27th of April. Started planting corn around the first and second of May. Then, from there, it was really quick to get things done. About a week for planting corn, another week for planting beans – a couple weeks to be done with everything. Since then, right here we haven’t had any rain to speak of. We’re really dry and could use a little drink.“Some of our corn has got some grass breaking through, so I think it didn’t get activated because of the dry weather without any showers to activate that. We’re starting our post-season right now,” said Scott. “We’re still looking decent for not having any moisture. It’s still early in the season though.”Looking to harvest, the Ellises say they’re optimistic, but also realistic.“I don’t think we’re looking at what we’ve had the past couple of years – we’ve been really fortunate. But with the markets down the way they are, we need to have a good crop like we’ve had the past couple of years,” he said. “All you can do is just sit back and let mother nature do what she can – nothing we can control about that.”Matt Ellis says the crops are in a good place for now, but that it’s up to nature for the next part.“The crops are so so. Our populations are there at least so now it’s up to mother nature,” Matt said. “I’ve been doing a lot of custom spraying since college and it’s always a challenge when you don’t get the rain. A lot of the 28 put on with the spray was gone. The activity of the chemicals didn’t happen so it’s a big post-season now and you’ve got to do things right with that.”More on the operation as Dale Minyo interviews Matt Ellis belowlast_img read more

Lawns Gone Wild

first_imgOr let it go back to a meadowIf you don’t want to eat your yard, you can just let it return to native meadow.Middlebury College has reduced the area of its regularly mown lawns by 20 acres (26% of the total), letting those spaces become wildflower meadows instead. The plan has cut emissions and costs, including 670 gallons of gas and 1,000 hours of annual labor, and significantly expanded the natural habitat and beauty on the campus.Native meadows, which have deeper roots, also are more drought resistant and produce less pollen than turf grass lawns. Yet, many residential communities not only discourage wild yards through peer pressure — they actually ban them. In Oak Park, Michigan, for example, it’s a criminal misdemeanor not to cut your lawn regularly. They’ve outlawed the little house on the prairie.Rich with native grasses, herbs, and shrubs, prairies are amazingly fertile and resilient, surviving long droughts and torrential rains and protecting soils from erosion. Once they covered the entire Midwest, from Montana to Michigan, all the way down into Texas.Today, only 1 percent of tallgrass prairie remains. Imagine if all 50 thousand square miles of residential lawns were converted to native meadows and prairie land, springing to life with edible plants that thrive in the local climate with little need for care. In addition to saving an astounding amount of energy, water, labor, and money, we could help resurrect the native state of the continent — right in our front yards. Because environmental challenges are so complicated, potential solutions are rarely as simple as they seem.For example, the market for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing rapidly, outpacing hybrids, although the supply is nowhere near the million EVs that President Obama called for in his 2011 State of the Union address (which might be why he didn’t mention the topic this year).Fewer cars running on fossil fuels are a good thing, right? Actually, a new University of Minnesota report finds that EVs can be worse for the environment than gas cars, depending on where they get their electricity. If the utility grid that charges them is powered by coal, EVs can produce nearly four times more deaths from air pollution. Because coal is the single largest source of grid energy in the U.S. (nearly 40 percent), alternative cars could be exacerbating an already enormous problem.Similarly, conventional wisdom suggests that more plants are always beneficial to the environment, since they produce oxygen and store carbon. But a new study just published in the Journal of Environmental Management shows that closely cropped lawns — the mainstay of suburbia — actually can produce more greenhouse gases than they absorb.The mowers, fertilizers, water, and other resources required to maintain the clean look of a hectare of grass can result in the equivalent emissions of an airplane flying more than halfway around the world. This confirms earlier research estimating that the emissions from lawn maintenance can be four times greater than the amount of carbon stored. Lawns in the U.S. are a $40 billion frillThe total area of American lawns is approximately 50 thousand square miles, about the size of New York State. To keep it well watered takes about 200 gallons per person per day, and nearly a third of all residential water use goes toward landscaping, according to the EPA.All that watering, weeding, mowing, and fertilizing is enormously expensive: Americans reportedly spend $40 billion and 3 billion person-hours on lawn care every year. Why? The landscape equivalent of a crew cut, a grass lawn isn’t that attractive; in fact, “lawn” stems from an Old French word originally meaning “barren land.” So what accounts for our costly, wasteful obsession?Like the McMansion, which vaguely echoes European manors, the lawn is a status symbol, meant to evoke aristocratic precedent. Prior to mowing machines and mechanical watering, finely manicured lawns were expensive and labor-intensive, the trappings of wealth. They became popular in northern Europe after the Middle Ages, especially in France during the 18th century, and the gardens at Versailles introduced the thin swath of grass called tapis vert, “green carpet.” The effect was intended to be unnatural, an abstraction that seemed to float above the ground plane.Millions of Americans invest incredible amounts of time and money to conjure up the ghost of Louis XIV. Use the area to grow foodWhat are the alternatives?For one, we could replace ornamental grass with edible plants. In Cities and Natural Process (2004), Michael Hough calculates that a typical lawn needs three times more energy (and associated costs) than an alfalfa patch of the same size.In fact, the rate of energy to maintain a given area of residential lawn significantly exceeds the rate for commercial cornfields in the equivalent amount of soil. Garden lawns could become inevitable. Columbia University biologist Dickson Despommier estimates that to feed the expected population in 2050, we’ll need about 2.1 billion acres of additional land — roughly the size of Brazil.Yet, today, more than 80 percent of arable land is already in use. If current farming practices continue, in a few decades there simply won’t be enough land to feed everyone. We may be forced to begin growing corn in our front yards. For now, the benefits are clear: locally grown produce tastes fresher and saves huge amounts of energy, emissions, waste, transportation, and infrastructure maintenance.center_img RELATED ARTICLES In Defense of the LawnLawn Mowing SeasonIn the West, Drought Ends ‘Era of the Lawn’What Is ‘Xeriscape’ and Why Is It Important?Rating the Greenness of GardensGBA Encyclopedia: Green Landscapes Architect Lance Hosey is chief sustainability officer with the global design firm RTKL. His latest book, The Shape of Green: Aesthetics, Ecology, and Design (2012), has been Amazon’s #1 bestseller for sustainable design. This blog was originally posted at Huffington Post and is reposted here with the author’s permission.last_img read more

Video: Watch Peyton Manning Get On Stage And Sing “Rocky Top” At Nashville Bar

first_imgPeyton Manning gets on stage at Nashville Bar.Peyton Manning may have won Super Bowls with both the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos before wrapping up his Hall of Fame NFL career, but he’ll always be remembered as a Volunteer in Tennessee. So when Manning decided to take the stage with country singer Lee Brice and sing “Rocky Top” inside a Nashville bar Monday night, one can only imagine he made some Tennessee fans very happy. YouTuber Ray Casper posted this awesome video. This is fantastic.[Outkick The Coverage]last_img read more

Algonquin Nation guaranteed space in Indigenous centre as deal ends hunger strike

first_imgOTTAWA — The Algonquin Nation will be guaranteed a space in a major Indigenous centre in Ottawa after an agreement with the federal government ended a grand chief’s hunger strike.Verna Polson of the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation Tribal Council had refused both food and water starting early Monday and extending into Tuesday evening.Polson was protesting the limited role the Algonquins were playing in the development of the Indigenous Peoples Space, a project that encompasses a prime area near Parliament Hill centred on the former U.S. Embassy.The project is run by three national Indigenous organizations. Polson said the Algonquin deserve equal standing because the building is on unceded traditional Algonquin land.Under the agreement struck Tuesday between the Algonquin Nation and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, the Algonquin Nation will have a space in the Indigenous Peoples Space guaranteed for its use.The Algonquins will have control of space between the former embassy and a building on the next block occupied by a bank.Frankie Cote, a band councillor for an Algonquin community near Ottawa who participated in the meetings with the government, said the Algonquins would likely construct a building in the infill space.He said it’s important to the Algonquins that they have their own area in the project and he is glad the two parties came to an agreement as soon as they did.“We were working hard, 12 hours on Canada Day, because of the utmost concern for Grand Chief Polson’s health,” Cote said.“We were trying to come to a resolution that would get her out of the wigwam and drinking water.”Discussions with the government had been going for several weeks before Polson’s hunger strike increased pressure on the talks, he said.In an emailed statement, the office of Crown-Indigenous Relations MinisterCarolyn Bennett said they “fully support the participation of the Algonquin people.”The statement said it will be up to the Algonquin Nation to determine how to develop the space, and the federal government has committed to work with the Algonquins to “ensure it will fully reflect their vision.”The dedication of the space to the Algonquin Nation sets the stage for further discussions between the Algonquins and the current Indigenous partners leading the project: the Assembly of First Nations, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and Metis National Council.While the Algonquins secured a dedicated space, the agreement with the government did not guarantee the Algonquin Nation an equal seat at the table in the overall decision-making on the project — one of Polson’s stated goals in her hunger strike.The government’s position prior to Polson’s hunger strike was that the Indigenous groups responsible for the project should determine its governance structure themselves.But Cote said the government has reiterated a commitment not to open the space until the Algonquins’ concerns are dealt with.The Assembly of First Nations strongly supported Polson’s and Cote’s view, but the groups representing Inuit and Metis peoples had opposed the proposal to give equal standing to the Algonquin Nation.Cote said discussions between the Algonquins and the national groups will continue to determine what role the Algonquin Nation will play.The AFN’s national chief Perry Bellegarde said Tuesday a series of memorandums of understanding had been drafted with the help of Assembly of First Nations staff and might form the basis of an agreement between the Algonquin Nation and the national organizations.Christian Paas-Lang, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Mens volleyball notches 4th straight NCAA Championship semifinals berth

Five years ago, five Ohio State men’s volleyball players strolled through campus for the first time as students. Now, five years later, four of those players are starters on the team and have greatly affected program. For the fourth straight season, the team has advanced to the NCAA Championship semifinals. The Buckeyes (24-6, 11-1) defeated Loyola-Chicago, 3-1 (22-25, 25-20, 25-16, 25-17), Saturday to win the Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association tournament. OSU has won the tournament two consecutive years, each time with a win against the Ramblers in the finals. Redshirt senior John Klanac and junior Shawn Sangrey led OSU offensively with 18 and 17.5 points, respectively. Both had 16 kills, and redshirt senior Steven Kehoe added a match-high 47 assists. Coach Pete Hanson said the difference in the match was when Sangrey and Klanac stepped up after trailing, 1-0, in the match. OSU’s four fifth-year starters are the key to its success, and they remain confident as they approach their fourth-straight appearance as NCAA semifinalists. “Our experience is huge,” redshirt senior Kevin Heine said. “There’s no team out there with as much experience playing.” “We’re a more cohesive unit than we’ve ever been,” Klanac said. Sangrey, Klanac, Kehoe and redshirt senior Jason Tobkin were named to the All-Tournament team for OSU, along with Mike Bunting and Joseph Smalzer of Loyola-Chicago. Kehoe was also named the Most Outstanding Player of the tournament. “We knew this would be the best team we’ve had, at least in my career,” Heine said Tuesday. “We just feel so comfortable together on the court.” Klanac was part of two pivotal plays in Saturday’s final set, and the crowd erupted on both plays. He made the score 5-4 with a kill that was only possible because Kehoe ran out of bounds on the Loyola side of the court to keep the rally going. Klanac also had the kill on a long-fought point to make the score 22-16. “We’re in a pretty good mental state of mind,” Hanson said. “We can deal with some adversity, and we can just keep playing.” With the win, the Buckeyes are set to face Penn State at 9 p.m. Thursday. The winner will play Saturday for the NCAA Championship against the winner of the matchup featuring Southern California and California-Santa Barbara. All the games will be played at Recreation Hall at Penn State. The Buckeyes are NCAA semifinalists once again, and this time they look to come back to Columbus with a national title. read more

Former Ohio State linebacker David Perkins arrested in Bowling Green on multiple

Courtesy of OSU athletic departmentFormer Ohio State linebacker David Perkins was arrested on charges of criminal trespassing, criminal mischief, criminal damaging and underage/under the influence of alcohol in Bowling Green, Ohio during the early morning hours of May 25.Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer confirmed Thursday that Perkins is no longer a member of the OSU football team. An OSU athletics spokesman said Perkins had already left the program prior to the arrest.“David asked to be able to contact other schools for the purpose of possibly transferring sometime around the start of the ‘Maymester’ and he has not been around the program since,” said athletics spokesman Jerry Emig in an email.Bowling Green Police received a call at approximately 2:45 a.m. on the morning of May 25 from a female resident on Pike Street, which is located outside of Bowling Green State University’s campus. The resident informed police that Perkins was attempting to enter her home, according to the police report.The resident told police that Perkins attempted to enter her home multiple times. Perkins told police that he knew who lived at the house. The female resident, however, told police neither she nor her roommate knew Perkins.After attempting to enter the home once, the resident told police Perkins walked across the street to a car. Police found the car with the driver’s door window shattered out and with blood on the driver’s door, steering wheel and gear shift area. The owner of the car told police she did not know Perkins.The resident told police Perkins then returned to the residence and attempted to enter again, while repeatedly yelling “Let me in (expletive)” and “Answer me now.”Police arrested Perkins at the scene, where they found him with “blood all over his hands and clothes and large cuts on his right wrist.” The police report also stated Perkins had “wet pants as if he had urinated on himself.”Perkins was transported to Wood County Hospital following his arrest to receive treatment for his cuts. The 20-year-old told emergency room staff he had consumed beer and liquor prior to the arrest.Perkins is scheduled to appear as a defendant on the four charges in Bowling Green Municipal Court on June 10.Perkins did not respond to The Lantern’s request for comment.The South Bend, Ind. native played in nine games during his freshman season with the Buckeyes last year. He played primarily on special teams, but recorded six tackles and one pass breakup. read more

World Cup tickets still available

first_imgFans can still buy tickets to watch the World Cup matches as tickets are still available for sale for at least 20 matches including England’s Group G opener against Tunisia, according to Daily Mail.With the tournament kicking off tomorrow afternoon when Russia face Saudi Arabia, there are still several group stage matches that have failed to sell out.It appears Volgograd, where Gareth Southgate’s team will start their campaign is struggling to attract crowds.  Although not one of the four matches held in the 45,000-seater stadium will yet be played in front of a capacity crowd. The Mordovia Arena in Saransk, Ekaterinburg Arena and Samara Arena are also not being filled to capacity.Tickets are on sale for four of the first six group matches, while the opening game only sold out on yesterday.ScotlandScotland needs a hero: Billy Dodds Manuel R. Medina – September 10, 2019 According to former striker, Billy Dodds his country needs a hero to inspire future generations as the team’s hope to qualify to the EURO 2020 is small.FIFA admits the lack of sold out stadiums is down to a batch of 120,000 extra tickets which were put on sale last week.Even for England’s game, there are still tickets to see France take on Australia in Kazan on Saturday afternoon, as well as Colombia against Senegal.Saudi Arabia’s clash with Egypt in Group A has the largest amounts of tickets still available, with medium availability in Category 1 and low availability in Category 2.last_img read more

De Gea to sign new United contract

first_imgManchester United goalkeeper David De Gea is set to sign a new five-year deal with United ‘imminently’ to erase speculation over a move to Real Madrid, reports Football Espana.Also, a different report in The Independent states “discussions have progressed to the point where all parties feel De Gea will imminently agree on a new five-year deal.”David de Gea, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer is hopeful de Gea will stay Manuel R. Medina – September 13, 2019 According to the Manchester United manager, goalkeeper David de Gea will be able to extend his contract… if he’s convinced to stay by the club’s board.The Spanish shot-stopper has one year remaining on his current deal at Old Trafford, although United have the option to extend that agreement for a further 12 months. Madrid attempted to sign the former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper in 2015 but the move broke down at the eleventh hour due to a late fax missing the transfer deadline, their eyes are still on their 2015 target in this summer transfer window and United probably won’t have it if the new is confirmed.The European champions are set to turn their attention to Roma goalkeeper Alisson Becker this summer.last_img read more