Droid Razr drops to 200 loses SD card

first_imgHigh-end Android phones tend to launch at sky-high prices, but it also doesn’t take long for them to drop. The latest example of this is the Motorola Droid Razr. With the impending launch of its psuedo-sequel, the Droid Razr Maxx, the standard version of the handset is getting a $100 price cut.Unfortunately for prospective customers, the price isn’t the only thing that the Razr is losing. The 16GB SD card, which was previously included with the phone, is no longer part of the deal. It, of course, still has a working microSD card slot, but it’s a BYOSD (bring your own SD) party from now on. The original Droid Razr does, however, also have 16GB of internal storage.Though the Droid Razr was easily one of the top smartphones of 2011, it may be wise to hold off on this new deal and snag the upcoming Droid Razr Maxx. Not only does it still give you that 16GB SD card (32GB total storage), but you also get an upgraded battery. It packs 3300 mAh of lithium-ion juice, which is nearly double the capacity of the 1780 mAh battery in the original.There is, however, a tradeoff. The Razr Maxx’s bigger battery adds about 2mm of thickness to the original Droid Razr. Though the Razr Maxx is still a relatively thin smartphone (about the same thickness as the Galaxy Nexus), thinness is what the Razr line is sold on. When that’s compromised, you may have a more well-rounded device, but you also have a device without a clear identity — or a compelling reason to buy it over the Ice Cream Sandwich-running Galaxy Nexus.The new price for the original Droid Razr is listed as a pre-order. It will likely go into effect on or around January 26, the date that the Droid Razr Maxx is set to release.More at Verizon via MobileBurnlast_img read more