Warn Children About The Dangers Of Social Media By Wendy McNamara

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Here in Evansville, a young man named Mason died several days after being found unresponsive at his home. According to his parents, he played the “choking game” where kids are challenged to experience the feeling of suffocation.I have spoken with Mason’s parents about their son, and I want to help them share his story so we can prevent this from happening to other kids. Kids often don’t realize just how dangerous these “games” are until it’s too late.Parents need to be aware of the irreversible consequences of some social media challenges in order to help stop preventable tragedies like this from occurring.Some videos and posts across social media outlets like YouTube and Facebook glorify reckless behavior as entertainment. That’s why parents and mentors need to educate vulnerable young Hoosiers about the dangers. I am committed to sharing #Mason’sMessage, and I ask you to click here to like his Facebook page and join in keeping our children safe from the negative aspects of social media. As a school principal, I am increasingly concerned about the dangers of social media and online games present to our children.last_img read more