The basic principle of selection to be mastered


also has a lot of good words, not in the love of Shanghai index, this time you will need their own habits and experience to judge the importance of the keywords, keywords in accordance with user search habits, you can avoid some of the core keywords competition, high flow, is also a good choice. Of course, is also a lot of time to see Shanghai’s experience to judge the dragon.

users search habitsThe

, is the most important point of the Shanghai dragon. If the keyword selection error, so even if you optimization again good, also does not have any practical significance. Keywords and the wrong choice, also can make the optimization difficulty improve a lot. Therefore, Shanghai dragon before optimization, must first choose to optimize your keywords, and then began to do, sometimes, positioning a keyword, and even determines the success or failure. read more

To optimize the website from the perspective of the user experience

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we all know that search engines love something original, and the owners are also trying to original or false original, so they know the importance of the original. Now the original content is also more strict. The original is not only related to a copyright issue, more important is the freshness. If we find the content, open the page to see the contents of the query that are repetitive and stereotyped, without any fresh content, we can only turn off the page. For is not available to our needs website will only make us feel a waste of time, but can not go further reading. So for a website is more important. Only by > read more