The stationmaster learned from love Shanghai index change keywords optimization direction

! Many webmaster in

can also be opened shop in some classification information platform, such as people network, 58 city and so on, all have opened shop function, the platform weight and ranking are good, as you shop keywords on these platforms and even the >

is the first to find the relevant industry website, leave your website information above, or directly on top of Taobao customers to promote the more about the clothing industry website, also can be in the B2B keyword promotion platform, also can know in love Shanghai, classified information website, information dissemination, the chain and so on, this time you release information may not enough attention, but when it comes to spring and summer, the keyword search volume up, your information exposure will be much higher, at the same time, your site’s ranking will be much higher read more

The solution homepage is 45 days after the recovery of K

301 code screenshot, this code is placed in the.Htaccess file

analysis of website home page is the K reason, began a specific adjustment:

The The original

update is very few, in order to attract the spider to find the original. Mainly from the superstar electronic books. Try to find some time away, a bit like the book, generally will not be copied to the internet. Updated daily trouble, the general site will have a timed release function, one can release more content, set a good time. The chain is the core of the ranking, but for the high quality of the chain is more and more difficult, this is not what special said, I was stupid, looking for people to exchange links, the article in the blog platform, submit directory etc.. read more

Analysis of Shanghai beat the United States why love directed 90 female mobile phone user groups

don’t think love Shanghai beauty shot only for women, beauty community is always male compatriots often go to places, as can be imagined love Shanghai beauty shoot every day must N many male compatriots visit, which also led the majority of the male population of mobile phone users, marketing or promotion has been very awesome with beautiful women effect, especially when your most users are male when. For the majority of grass root men are afraid to fall in love with hold live, the film features the sea beauty is sound, color, which means that users can not only enjoy the beauty of the picture, but also with the beauty of their chat, real two words seems not Langdexuming, imagine the love of Shanghai is likely to become the best platform for the United States took 90 to make friends. Indoorsman will soon join in. But now the application software should be improved, later may be similar to the QQ community friends, is only a mobile phone version of the community platform to make friends. read more

From the Shanghai star symbol of love about improving the user experience

the above analysis is standing in an analysis of Shanghai dragon Er point of view, if often focus on Internet development and careful people will find that in fact this love of Shanghai is the SMO social media optimization popular (Senior Medical Officer), that is through some kind of social communication, the use of social media resources: network community, forum and other social sites (such as: QQ, happy net, renren贵族宝贝, Sina, micro-blog, etc.) will be dynamic preferences to share the social networking and social media to flow more, a set of methods and access to public communication effect of efficient, rapid and extensive the. In 2011 the integration of the Internet is the theme of "open", with the Tencent, Sina, everyone is a series of large-scale website open platform is put into operation, so that a closer link between the Internet, as the domestic Internet big brother also wanted to share, but not just as simple piece, the development of the Internet is quite rapid, if a > read more

How to optimize the grassroots webmaster Shanghai dragon mark

The emergence of a large number of

every webmaster want to pass a long road of the promotion, to restore justice, create a better future. In this long pass through the road, the key grassroots webmaster can be smoothly pass through the lies in the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng guan.

, a Shanghai dragon optimization cannot interpret out of context. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a hardcore character based on the search engine rules out of the website promotion trump. There is a high technology content and coherence, as a grassroots webmaster, technology is weak, we therefore study in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, must first learn the theoretical knowledge of the system, and then in the actual application process of digestion and absorption, not a hammer East West a wooden stick, this BBS see a stick, a method the site, he thought that she would, than suit start optimization. If so, it is not called the Shanghai dragon optimization, it is bet at your own website, sooner or later will be K. I do in the liberty rebate network early promotion, the situation is this. Until the new sites not see ‘multiple chain "and" new promotion chain The more, the better.’ two post, just cause my Panghuang and reflection, also thanks to the optimization of Shanghai dragon master Zhang Bo’s advice, I began to calm down and learn from the new Shanghai dragon optimization. This is what I want to say, new Shanghai dragon optimization can never be a post about society to analyze the problem of dialectic and systematic, cannot afford to make mistakes interpret out of context. read more

Link to buy Tucao learn to tell

hasn’t released a Shanghai dragon article, not only because of the recent focus on the optimization of Shanghai dragon, SEM and other methods to promote learning, this article also wrote quite a period of time, was written last year a company operating out of Shanghai dragon, also hope to be able to Shanghai Longfeng novice give a piece of advice.

3. site outbound links in a large number of edge station. This is the most I have another Speechless, and also the basic links in each purchase of inevitable, easy to ignore is of course a lot of people to buy the link. I am looking for paid links, export each site chain have similar gaming, lottery and other types of edge station, if there is such a site is not recommended to buy, there are two reasons that "Shanghai Dragon Art" in that "the quality of the link link around" the importance of quality (see "Shanghai Dragon Art" page 105th), my station also after similar lessons; and this station link to the existence of a large number of edge edge station, this station is very easy to be punished, and the associated > read more

Ali mother a data anomaly you can avoid advertising feesThe latest announcement 3 nine wins

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

2,2 18 months to February 24th Commission has been paid

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

I am a little webmaster, first heard them say Ali mother would find an excuse to send money in time, do not give you the advertising, I don’t believe so from the beginning of July 31st for Ali * * * advertisement, I have passed the two new application of my advertising, page linked to their advertising 888*90 AD www.77kv.cn7K each step on the forum registration page put their ads posted and all have a platform of their advertising revenue of 50 for 33 days do not so much is useless? I thought we can immediately bring little advertising, you now suddenly give me a sentence "abnormal data, click data to to protect the interests of buyers, suspended in your mom" click click billing "advertising, advertising revenue and before will be frozen; please check on this phenomenon and to please Details will be provided within one week after submission of this notice. Thanks again for your support for Ali! How do you say that I have two stations a month plus IP also has 10000, is 50 also called more than read more

A5 optimization team case website URL structure planning report

URL is an important factor affecting the love of Shanghai included, the common URL divided into 3 types: the first dynamic link, second: third pseudo static, static link, the removal of the first, the other two are more conducive to search engine crawling and ranking. The three, there is a common need for diagnosis, URL link length:

optimization, most sites will be 301 redirect to the top-level domain name domain name directed to the world wide web with "www", to "

three: URL

URL: a character length read more

Five points on the site should be professional

: the first professional appearance, special website.

third: focus on content, >

with the development of the times, the network is irreversible. Now many people do not know how to do the site. What kind of. Just blindly pursue ranking and profit. This will only make the site very early will die out, and not the long-term develop. Then put in the website of the cost will cause a loss. In the end still left with nothing whatsoever, The loss outweighs the gain. So, when we do the site, try to focus on a professional field, can more and more good. The following is my website to professional advice. read more

Every day the chain really have the effect

there is a focus on the need to emphasize, the content mainly reflects the role of the post in the website, play the role of outside chain time is fast, but from the long-term value, content is higher than that of the role of the role of the chain, a new site, even if the content is doing well, the short term is not ranked the rapid increase, and if a new site outside the chain do very well, ranking immediately, but from the long-term value, we should pay more attention to the content, rather than the chain. To explain why, effect of the chain will not disappear, as a webmaster said, the Internet itself is composed of numerous links, lost links, does not exist in the Internet, every website domain name, between each article access, are URL to guide the outside the role of the chain will never disappear, but the role of the chain may be adjusted. read more