Norway Begins 2019 With Strong Growth Of EV Sales

More than half of new cars are plug-ins!Norway continues its unprecedented rise of electric cars. In January, the total number of new passenger plug-in electric cars amounted to 4,699, which is 27.3% more thaa n year ago at market share of 52.2%! The conventional diesel car sales shrunk below 18%, while gasoline barely maintained 19%, the rest are hybrids.The major force behind the growth are all-electric cars, and that despites us Norway still waiting for volume deliveries of new models:BEVs: 3,400 (up 60.0%, 37.8% market share) + 789 ‘used’ + 164 vans (149 new and 15 used) + 6 FCVPHEVs: 1,298 (down 17.1%, 14.4% market share) It seems that the Nissan LEAF (top model in 2018) begins the year 2019 with 673 at #2. There’s a high probability that Volkswagen e-Golf was #1 in January (small number are still ICE, as the plug-in hybrid GTE was discontinued). BMW i3 surprised with a very high 619 new registrations.In January  17 registrations of Tesla Model 3 were noted, as well as 8 Audi e-tron. Jaguar I-PACE registrations stands at 79, while Hyundai Kona Electric 326.Top 20 new passenger car registrations in Norway – January 2019Source: Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS (OFV AS) 17 Tesla Model 3s Get Approved License Plates In Norway Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on February 4, 2019Categories Electric Vehicle News Almost 50% Of Passenger Cars Sold In Norway In 2018 Plugged In Source: Electric Vehicle News New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – January 2019 Norway Celebrates 200,000 Pure Electric Cars News from Norway

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