The basic principle of selection to be mastered


also has a lot of good words, not in the love of Shanghai index, this time you will need their own habits and experience to judge the importance of the keywords, keywords in accordance with user search habits, you can avoid some of the core keywords competition, high flow, is also a good choice. Of course, is also a lot of time to see Shanghai’s experience to judge the dragon.

users search habitsThe

, is the most important point of the Shanghai dragon. If the keyword selection error, so even if you optimization again good, also does not have any practical significance. Keywords and the wrong choice, also can make the optimization difficulty improve a lot. Therefore, Shanghai dragon before optimization, must first choose to optimize your keywords, and then began to do, sometimes, positioning a keyword, and even determines the success or failure.

Of course, When the 2 points after

screening, words in general have to do basically determined. Next we need to determine the intensity of competition in the key words. If a lot of competitors keywords >

keyword selection, correlation with you is the most important site. Without this keyword and your website at all, then you do this keyword is again good, not what it means. The core keywords you do, must have a close correlation with the site. If you need to get traffic through search engines, we need useful traffic, if not the core keywords do it with your website at all, then you start from the Shanghai dragon optimization is a failure, meaningless.


in determining what you need to do the industry keywords, can according to user search habits, to determine what specific keywords. Sometimes, due to the occupation of key words is not too much, some search times, but the competition will be fierce, but because the word does not meet the user’s search habits, in fact, is not what effect. Therefore, we must stand in the user’s point of view to consider the importance of the word. Another method is relatively good, love is to look at the Shanghai index.

first to explain, and selection of key words and Never mind too much, but still need to emphasize the point that a number of key words. Many new Adsense idea is to choose some keywords, can provide for their future posterior. This idea on the surface and does not have what problem, even a little clever feeling. But in fact is not the case, we must start to choose their own website keywords, generally 3-5 words, new words, make sure to do the 3 keywords, and keywords is always done in the future, and the increase of keywords and replacement, the general minimum is 3 months to do keywords frequent replacement, often the weight of the website is very big, it is not recommended to do too many words, will no longer be replaced, it is not appropriate.

A little The correlation between

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