To optimize the website from the perspective of the user experience

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we all know that search engines love something original, and the owners are also trying to original or false original, so they know the importance of the original. Now the original content is also more strict. The original is not only related to a copyright issue, more important is the freshness. If we find the content, open the page to see the contents of the query that are repetitive and stereotyped, without any fresh content, we can only turn off the page. For is not available to our needs website will only make us feel a waste of time, but can not go further reading. So for a website is more important. Only by >

"readability" refers to the user demand can be attracted to the content of the information in the search, the overall structure and content of the website is of interest to the user, to extend the opening time of the page. The content to attract users is the most important feature of the soft.

1, website optimization user experience: readable

Chinese is the most commonly used search engines love Shanghai. The love of Shanghai "to provide the most convenient way for people to obtain information for the purpose of professional and technical level, the domestic search engine market leader. But the market competition still exists, 360, Google, Sogou has its own unique advantages, can help users to obtain useful information. For an enterprise website, how to improve the user experience of the website, how to optimize the site from the user experience point of view, this problem is worth considering network responsible person. If the user experience is not good, will directly affect the degree of customer interest to the enterprise, reduce the user take the initiative to contact the idea.

no matter what search engines, the most concern is to provide the best use value of information for users, and "user experience" is the most important issue to enhance the site search. Many sites are responsible for the observed changes in love Shanghai, love Shanghai of the new algorithm, find love Shanghai loopholes and other methods to improve web site collected and ranking, but ignore the original purpose of love in Shanghai. Because the love of Shanghai is changing constantly to improve the algorithm, and we always love Shanghai slow. Perhaps the research and pay all in vain. If a change in thinking, starting from the basic thinking, to the user experience perspective, the user attitude towards Web content, that is what users want most.

2, website optimization user experience second: the original

enhance the website ranking, different optimization methods of website content, wise.

we are in the process of long-term site optimization must have confused, can not find the right direction. Everything back to the origin, do not know how to do. For this situation, we should think about what is the use of the most basic site optimization? User experience. Let users have a deep impression on our business when you open the website, have the initiative to contact the business idea. So how can we enhance the user experience of the

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