The long tail word love Shanghai Engine Update webmaster how to choose the site

search keyword before three are some Adsense website, click to enter the type of website is Taobao shopping guide, although the long tail words will attract users in, but did not improve the conversion rate of users, it can be said that ninety percent of users through the long tail words into this website directly off site, but this approach is suitable for the development of


1, to give up part of the long tail word, before our site most is to rely on the long tail of the word brings flow, and as the love Shanghai search engine algorithm adjustment point of view, we have to make a choice, and I just give up a part of the long tail word, my former website title and keywords contains a number of long tail words, and now I will be the site of the title and keywords are reduced to three, now my website title is Taobao rebate rebate rebate Network – welcome home. What the rebate network trusted? How Tmall net rebate? The only title and keywords of the long tail word I have been deleted, this is the first step I take.


seems to me love Shanghai this adjustment is not suitable for some of the user experience of the website of the long tail word has been adjusted, will be before the kind of content free website has been adjusted, although I also have two site is down right, but I think love Shanghai this adjustment is a proper adjustment, because in the past every time I love in Shanghai in search when they want to understand the content of the most encountered are keywords but no content of this kind of website to fight with the development trend of the Internet at home, there’s the development of the Internet and no harm, and the webmaster is facing this kind of situation only on their operation method the current change, after a week of hard part of my website has returned to normal, to talk about my experience:

2, with the title and keywords to create real content, title and keywords reduce created more time for me, and this time I have put the content of the website, I combine the title of each title to create appropriate articles, such as rebate network, I made a full range the introduction of the rebate, I think through these methods to make a website to love.

When the

love Shanghai changed the previous algorithm, which caused a lot of the site is down right, in fact I think love Shanghai the adjustment for users is a very good thing, is also a reminder of the webmaster, webmaster friends don’t know you find such a problem: when you are not search the long tail of the word you can’t find what you want. Now we go to search the long tail word can find some useful knowledge is placed in the front of the pure website, here to make a detailed explanation.

today I love Shanghai in search of "credible rebate network"? The long tail word found before the kind of pure rebate network dominate the world situation has ceased to exist, we see pictures of

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