On 2012 Shanghai dragon version 3 times what we should do

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many of the comments below. We can imagine, you opened a shop in the street, whether you are good or bad thing, but the long-term discussion, or when the goods you bargain with you a lot of people in your store, your product, or you can also sell the shop if not good east >

of course, the chain is no longer simply sending or buy what the chain. It should be outside the chain of more relevant. What is the name of the chain of correlation? For example, our site is the theme of the Jialing River valve, you with a theme is the weight of the site links will be neglected and even to our site a negative score. For example, you talk to a common valve website link search engine to give you +1 points, with a high weight site one valve +3, a common site of single valve your site is +2, a high weight site you are single valve +5. You follow a weight loss site of the Internet search engine will give you -3, you are losing weight site of single -5. So in the Shanghai Dragon 3 times, the chain we should do more of the correlation. Of course, large portal site links will continue to give you extra points, because of the large site is not a single theme, it tends to have some or a few content related to your site’s theme.


3 version of this argument? A word to explain, is that most people do bad do cross the Shanghai dragon. Do not you see, how many stations system, blog system, the mass chain software in many webmaster of the site advertising, sales promotion wantonly? Don’t you see, how many webmaster computer in one or more or less have a few copies of this software? If a pseudo original article the accumulation of the site or blog can have good ranking, there are few people really do it carefully? Authoritative search engine ranking and how much authority? So, the search engine will change, because if the search engine doesn’t provide revolution, so users need not search engine will the network is out of life. Since the search engine will change, so there will be a new search engine is more suitable for the rules of the game are 3 Shanghai dragon. Then in 2012 Shanghai dragon version 3 times, we should go to Shanghai dragon Er which is the key to the development of

This is the site of the importance of

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Why is chain

if a few people know the Shanghai Dragon technology called version 1, now after a large number of Shanghai dragon training most webmaster know Shanghai dragon called version 2. Then in 2012 the new Shanghai Dragon technology, we can in the folk way of Shanghai dragon is defined as the 3 edition.

content is the basis of network, search engine always can not escape from the content of the web site. So this, I do not say, you also know.

third, different user reviews

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