Keywords tourism industry research


option is to do a job in Shanghai Longfeng very important, if the selection is not good, then the next work was in vain. The point is to choose keywords, search times relatively much, but not too hot.

keyword search volume is less, but the commercial price is high, bring the conversion rate is relatively high. The commercial value of the judge needs its own industry is very understanding, in order to make judgments. This is not to say.

love Shanghai index also reached qianwanji, normally difficult too big, look at the following data analysis.

method 4: bidding price


commercial priceSome

2:intitle, the senior command is, how much is the number of view Title keywords.

Select the Keywords

method 3: auction website number


judgment competition

shows the number of grade only reached 10000, the difficulty in general.

from the top of the figure, the words "Changsha tourism" is the general heat. Or some value. The main research of keyword research is the key choice of keywords competition, study the competitor’s website.

method 1: use a keyword search to love Shanghai, at the bottom of that "love Shanghai to find relevant results for you to judge the number". In one hundred thousand the following general competition, website optimization slightly weight it can get the ranking; in million series, the key difficulty is difficult; in the series of hundreds of millions of words, very difficult, very hot, very difficult to do. The words "tourism" has reached the billion level, is not easy to do.

Keywords Check the number of


website bidding, need to query all the data in the daytime, reliable, because some advertisers in the evening is to stop advertising. This is 15:20, with the word "Changsha tourism" do the bidding of 4.

can refer to love Shanghai bidding account data inside

method 5: judgment

love Shanghai search volume

according to the keyword search volume, and not according to a method to come to a conclusion, the need for multiple factors combine to determine.


mentioned, will first think of how to choose keywords. If you do travel website, then you want to put the words "Shanghai tourism" do love home now, that is not possible. To love the sea search will know, participate in the ranking pages currently has reached 100 million. If the words with some prefixes to some.

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