How to evaluate a digital soft effect

is on the top, the front page of A5 a region is according to the number of top step to sort. Personally, we write soft article, if the top step and can reach 20 times, it shows that this article is successful, because there are 20 times the top step can list the general article.

4, the number of comments by

is effective, the concept of the effect is rather vague. Many people have been said to be digitized to assess the effect of Shanghai dragon, soft and did not need to evaluate the digital effect? Then we can from which to assess

Now we do not know

3, was the top step number

viewsWe all know that

, an article published in the A5, to be able to see the number of browsing. If a soft article is not recommended to the home page, personally think that visitors can have 300 is a pretty good soft. Because it is not recommended to the home page, it is only in the column corresponding to browse text. If browsing before 100 is a habit of reading people click on it, then after the 200 visit, because your title attracted other people. Thus, a soft in the importance of the title.

is more and more lazy, or do not know how to comment. Personal feeling, no matter it is good or bad, want to let others to comment is very difficult. So, if an article has 3 personal comments, and comments not advertising words. So this is a very good piece of soft, soft.


, only to be reproduced, it can be said that the effect is maximum. But there is a premise that is reproduced in our soft Wen, keep our copyright link. But some webmaster’s character, doomed his love to steal other people’s work. So, this is not the reprint rate, is the number of sites reproduced. But how many sites reproduced, the number of left copyright links. For example, the article was reproduced 100 times, leaving the link 25, then our reprint rate is 25%. Here are some way despise our webmaster, he reproduced the soft, not only do not leave our copyright link, but on his own site, then put the article to a large site to let other people reprint. After he was done, leading search engines are difficult to judge in the end of this article which is created. Personally think that this is the worst, just hope webmaster will not do that, otherwise, you will never be stolen can only be a labor "thief", you can’t do what big topic a little pull away. Personally think that this reprint rate can reach 25% basic is a successful soft Wen.

2, the number of

We only know the soft

the above 4 points is to assess the effect of digital soft from itself. Then the site links corresponding to the copyright can from what party >

1, reprint rate

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