Keywords on site selection rules and matters needing attention

, can be said to be the first step in Shanghai dragon, is an indispensable step in our website optimization, but also to determine the optimal quality index. When you get a website, we will look at the type of site in general, and then determine the corresponding title, keywords, description, keywords can be said to be the priority among priorities, a keyword or can say directly affects the development of the website, so we need to select a keyword in Shanghai dragon Er collect a lot of information to determine the need, perhaps some people say: you see people Lu Songsong blog, blogs are not the key words ah, is not that is not very important? Of course not, they are not a keyword that is because they have become a brand, such as Taobao Shanghai shield love like spiders, do not need it; some people say that some websites no keywords ranking also how ah, so good? It is because of possible competition, or checks Key words hidden, it relates to heimao Shanghai dragon, not recommended by Oh! No matter what keywords is very important Oh

is Shanghai dragon er you, is not every day the first thing is to use the tools for your query site keywords ranking? Needless to say, this is basically new, Chen is no exception, when enter the URL of the moment, must be holding their breath, I thought: key words must be improved ah! And then is mixed; have to say, key words is very important, but how to select keywords, keywords

if you say do industry website, maybe you should come from the analysis of competitors to make judgments, such as you do catering, catering is in general since the local city, you need to do is to find a competitor’s Web site in Shanghai love the first few pages, then list their keywords, and then through the to get the search query index, using mining software to find the corresponding keywords, sometimes to tens of thousands of mining, and then select from for you as your keywords as the rest of the long tail keywords embedded page; then you are to judge; such as Beijing, Beijing and other cheap meals to eat; of course, selected it is best to choose a keyword index, keywords flow.

has asked the new Chen, is selected from the keywords of your brand well, see the index and search on the line; then, a new e have to pour a bowl of cool water to you, it is a selection of key words! Next by the new Chen told you to select keywords rules, let you not be confused.

Keywords ! do?

, of course, some Adsense said, I choose keywords is judged according to the real-time hot ah, such as those who marry and divorce, cheating…… Yes, such words indeed can give you in time to bring a lot of traffic flow, but how many goals? And most of the time is a waste of system resources. You; of course, except the flow station. So, the choice of keywords should also be related to the main. The only way is the real.

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