Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the latest news Shanghai time snapshot patchnotes love

in order to meet the timeliness requirements of love Shanghai users, allowing users to more easily and quickly find the love of Shanghai, the search results page is now on-line content release time, the snapshot time prior to the replacement. The generation time of web content more accurately inform the user, reduce the user cost, improve click efficiency, but also can enhance the site’s conversion rate.

A5 station network March 6th news: Dear webmaster friends, still worry for the love of Shanghai snapshot problem? Today, love Shanghai love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released snapshot of time to update the announcement, the following is the content of the announcement:

dear webmaster,

note: the search results page, page list, advertising page this page, the search results will be temporarily released show time.


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform warning: webmaster release time for only where the search results show that any impact to sort, webmaster friends only to ensure true and accurate to the time. No time to release the content page, can increase the accuracy of the proposed station release time.

upgraded as shown below:

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