Love Shanghai auction full screen logo design and how to break through

1, expand the long tail keywords


logo design industry of the words "logo design", "LOGO design" are basically 7 auction filled the first screen. One of the 1000 or so words, so do the first, can get traffic is very limited. Today is about making China logo design network is how to break the siege of Shanghai in the bidding in love.


love Shanghai auction has gradually spread to all walks of life, as long as the search business profits of basic vocabulary, there are several bidding in the front row. Even the little logo design industry, but also for the full screen.

can bring more users and active site atmosphere, is active. According to the needs of users, appropriate to carry out free design activities, attract more users. To each big Adsense BBS, Adsense group publicity >

4, set free design to attract users to

3, according to user needs to expand

although the main keywords are taken, but each industry and most of the long tail word, although these words flow is not great, but the number of large, gathered traffic is far from comparable to those important words, and these words are generally small or no bidding, can obtain the flow but is objective.


throughout most auction sites, are the basic design company. The design of company business purpose is very clear, is "crunching" this kind of information. But they can only grasp part of this purpose, the desire to buy a strong user. For those who want to find LOGO design and enjoy the success of LOGO case and so on this type of people, basically not attractive. And we are to seize these users, these users may not now become your customers, but don’t forget this kind of person is the basic peer who according to the company requirements, design according to their own needs, is very likely to become your loyal customers in the coming days.


users naturally have opportunities to rely solely on the logo design to break out in many enterprises is too thin. Through the above second points, our biggest difference is with these sites we have more larger span users. Not only is the standard design requirements of users, we have designed the user, looking for the design of user resources. Grasp the needs of users, launched boutique design tutorials, design material. This is one more channel profit, make the site more competitive.


2, expand the relevant industries to develop potential customers


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