Why my site will be included in the love of Shanghai within six days

logon love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, add the site and verify my website website site management.

five, contribute to high weight website, increase the high quality chain.


I will

love Shanghai included as shown in figure


every day to update the content of the website, and keep the original. He though it is well written, but these days still insist on the original.

this website (to make network) is my first built in 8,12, the basic position in the hand made, Wangzhuan project and some good operation promotion articles to share. Just last night in Shanghai to see site love website, actually see love every day Shanghai has not included, I in the days since the establishment of the Oh, congratulations. As of yesterday, the 8.17 day, also is my website (to make www.***.wang) the establishment of the sixth days is love Shanghai included, writing today is to share with you just site days I did the work, let the love Shanghai 6 day included my site.

, in Shanghai Webmaster Platform verify their website

the original content in the website update submission to the A5 station, the original link at the end of the article with the time of submission. A total of two peer-reviewed published successfully, submitted after the success will have some platform forwarded your article. Such as contribute to the "how to remove the Z-blog classification page links in category?" there are 14 forwarding platform. The high quality of the chain can improve the love Shanghai new website for good impression.

four, the content of the website will be forwarded to the

I at the beginning of the site, but also opened a number of relevant websites and blog, and update the article. But love is not what Shanghai included, perhaps because the blog has just opened for the sake of it.


three, update the original web content

two, manual submission links

PS: if you have new friends can go to try, wish you a speedy website included.

in Shanghai Webmaster Platform, "earned, manually submit Web links to submit links, the first time a new connection manually submitted to the Shanghai day love.

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