On site using love statistics in Shanghai against the disadvantages

2, due to the use of the love of Shanghai, if it gives us what words a good ranking. It can be very accurately counted, a user is how come, then stay in the time of this page. Whether flew out, whether from this page and then click go to another page. This is our website user experience how, using statistics after love Shanghai love Shanghai immediately know. If a high weight site, this is good, but for us to optimize the site, we have a lot of time to flow to do Shanghai dragon, want high or high user viscosity.

above is 3 using a statistical advantage for us to love Shanghai side.

love since Shanghai launched a statistical system, inadvertently Internet in many sites have installed up love Shanghai statistics. Some people write love Shanghai statistics can improve the site weight, some people love Shanghai statistics can enhance the number of snapshots is included. Personally think that it is beneficial to use, but also have disadvantages.

2, Shanghai dragon suggested this function, this function can be very good for us to love Shanghai in the home page of the site structure of the web site or URL or pictures and other information can provide specific recommendations. See a green hook we can not move, see negative points, we can modify the corresponding to the good. The function of Shanghai dragon is still very useful. My company’s operating Dong’ou valve network using this function to correct many imperfections in the site.


has disadvantages side

1, due to the use of the love of Shanghai, which is equivalent to the site with a camera. Shanghai has long been a love to monitor, have no health or is not conducive to the website optimization side when love can be said that Shanghai can also find this defect in the first time, to our site drop right or low grade.

The upside of

3, the search term ranking function, this function can be set as 10 words, some of these trends of the word, can form a very good record in the statistical information of love in Shanghai, this to our site or for optimization is also very good. As for the speed of diagnosis of such functions, other webmaster tools can query.

1, due to the love in the love of Shanghai statistical index Query options like the sea. The next day we will be able to observe our site is a collection of many pages. Of course, this page is not a page that is released, can site out of the page. But we can do such a statistics, the health situation that is released by the percentage of the total amount of the index page to site statistics. For example, the ratio of 30% or less, then the site is not so healthy. If you reach 50% or 60% that is relatively healthy, if more than 80% of that is the high weight site. This is from the index weight to determine their own website which state.

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