Take Shanghai dragon to optimize the flow core to create a super profit website

ranking is of course important

The optimization of the website

but a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel engaged in the website optimization, but too much emphasis on the website ranking, ignore the construction site traffic, resulting in a lot of website ranking is very high, but in fact the flow is very small, which is obviously not able to achieve profitability, so how to optimize the site but also in continue to increase website traffic. I think we can from the following three aspects.

, increasing the amount included in the site


optimization of knowledge in the information explosion of the state, Shanghai dragon optimization training team although also can emerge in an endless stream, some teach Kungfu and combat skills, but many Shanghai Longfeng optimization team training content is only related to the theory of knowledge, is also in not able to provide customers more practical skills, nature can not obtain love the Shanghai dragon optimization enthusiasts, this author believes that the core site optimization engage Shanghai dragon is to let the site to make money, and the website if you want to make money, to get more traffic to the site.

When the

three, to encourage users to click on

Shanghai dragon


the purpose is to enhance the website ranking, of course, also enhance the website ranking to focus on a core, that is not able to rank and rank, such as some websites have a home page, the content is very weak, in this context although can improve website ranking, but the flow of quality it is not necessarily very high. Of course, in addition to increasing the website ranking promotion site outside the chain and optimize the structure of the site, but also pay attention to some things such as a web site optimization, the chain has been K, the spatial quality of the site there is no problem, is not the existence of rental website space, the space inside the site is not being K the site, which will have a negative impact on the ranking, therefore even be mistaken for garbage sites, causing ranked no flow.

website ranking, and included the number is enough, but no hits do, this phenomenon is not a website that, in many of the Shanghai dragon website optimization, there are many.

this point is very important, because it determines the amount of the website on the network exposure, stationmaster of a lot of Web site in the increase included more is collected by the way, although also can increase the website included in a short time, but the sustainability of this collection is not strong, because the collection content is similar too much, even if there is love in Shanghai included, then included content can be clicked by the user is very difficult, therefore need to increase number of creation of original content website, and combining with the site of the long tail keywords, combine with the original articles and long tail keywords, so it can obtain high quality collection on the Internet at the same time also can increase the weight of the website, but also can promote the user clicks.

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