Schindler Shanghai Dragon leveraging the skills of promotion

1. new registered account

A lot of 3. Shanghai

for the novice webmaster and will soon become a webmaster friends may not know how to do their own website optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng website optimization promotion that simple is very simple is very difficult, the key lies in the right way can you persevere adhere to is victory. Is to rely on the accumulation of time is not a day for two or one or two weeks to see the obvious effect of Shanghai dragon network promotion this kind of thing. I want to recommend you to promote the use of the product itself love Shanghai, love Shanghai know that I think we all know that it is love love Shanghai know that Shanghai itself are relatively high income and weight so fast.

in addition to know love Shanghai, love Shanghai library with more people to do the Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai library advantage is free to share, download a lot of people naturally have to score high ranking will go up. Your website in resources and advertising. The way to release resources and love Shanghai know is similar also to keep out from the account. Wait until the account can raise up advertising and product keyword.




2. can use a special method to improve the audit rate of

released the chain too much will lead to even the website account was closed by K, so we can use some special methods to avoid the title or site is K. can love their products with Shanghai in the post links or other relatively high PR. General in this way the general post will be successful. Although Shanghai know love is a very good platform for the promotion, but the effect is good, only this, after all, Shanghai Longfeng site outside the chain to need extensive high quality so that competitors can not match.

has just started to do network promotion of Shanghai dragon webmasters are very love in love Shanghai know that the chain resources outside the chain construction is good, but is not directly outside the chain for new registered account, so love Shanghai know a blog that account also want to have a period of time. A new account to send links to be displayed through the audit to new users, but it is very difficult to pass the audit, is the advanced users will also be audited by rate may be higher but one day can not release too much, from my experience of 4 almost, hair too much may give this leave a bad record account and some even directly titles, so we don’t know that love Shanghai weight high income soon a lot in the above release should not overdo sth..

4. relative to the above two products of the highest weight love Shanghai Encyclopedia

in Shanghai in Shanghai love the weight of products is one of the relatively strict audit is not good by. We love Shanghai in search of keywords love Shanghai encyclopedia is in the top five most. Want to have sex in Shanghai encyclopedia is very not easy many words have been to seize the initiative, the "

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