Shanghai the construction of the chain is useless in the end who said that

for some current webmaster friends said useless, in Yang Zi seems a little too one-sided, not to see you. At present for the construction of the chain relative to the effect of the past few years has been reduced, and even some of the chain have no what effect such as in the past we often use the top posts, forum forum signature and machine such as a large number of post links to the construction now does not have what effect, if it is a large number of these methods. Not only do the chain effect will be counterproductive, serious directly caused the site to drop right.

for some say that now the chain not what the webmaster, Yang Zi think they don’t understand the true meaning of Scindapsus algorithm and Scindapsus algorithm 2. The two algorithm love Shanghai launched was not the construction of the chain, just outside chain construction method and construction quality of the chain to do some norms, no construction of the chain on the futility of this statement. At the same time, the official also clearly pointed out that he made an interpretation for the high quality chain, high quality chain refers to the user willing, take the initiative to give links to, and not to force himself or take the form of access to buy links, such as posting machine webmasters often used to release a large number of links or to buy a large number of high quality links to quickly improve the site weight and ranking, for the practice of search engine is very much upon investigation will be punished.

< > The construction of the chain of Since last year, a series of

The chain of

I had such a sentence in the circle to the chain: everyone is really on the construction work site weight and ranking only accounted for the construction of the chain 1% the remaining 99% are doing. For the data in this sentence, the accuracy of Yang Zi did not specifically research, but regardless of the accuracy of data is useful for link building or site optimization high reflection, only a part of what we want to do useful, try to reduce or not to do some useless link building. Say so many webmaster friends also may have some doubts, Yang Zi is a Shanghai dragon below examples of the construction of the chain way using "video surveillance" the key word optimization to the first page, in order to prove the effect of the chain as long as do or leverage.

algorithm to optimize the official love Shanghai issued by the construction of the chain such as: Scindapsus algorithm and algorithm 2 Scindapsus upgraded version, indeed in the last year in the second half of so many webmaster to optimize website hit at the same time, for some weights up to 5-6 site was also down the right treatment this let many webmaster tremble with fear. Is everybody had a sense of fear in the construction site outside the chain when Yang Zi was in Shanghai Longfeng and some webmaster friends of communication, there are many webmaster said it did not dare to do outside the chain, do not use what other statements, plus the love Shanghai officials have stressed the need to do user experience, do a good job the content of the website is fundamental for sustainable development, in the view of Yang Zi of Shanghai dragon in this is indeed the case. So now many webmaster to grab the user experience, grasp the original content and ignore the construction of the chain.

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