Some problems in the use of love in Shanghai found outside the chain of tools

in addition, there are some new findings in the process of using.

in the picture above, I do all is pure text links, and do not use the anchor text. As below:


has a lot of people talked about whether Shanghai will put love in the form of text links as the chain, but are not 100% sure or not, also let a lot of Shanghai dragon Er tangled do pure text links. Now in the chain of love Shanghai official query shows in plain text links Web query results, it has proved that love will Shanghai plain text form the chain link as the website, perhaps the effect will be much smaller than the anchor text, but it is a chain of its undisputed. In fact, love Shanghai Lee before the chain to form text made the following answer: "the search engine spider to discover and capture Internet links, the link is what form is not important, maybe one day, we can identify the picture, voice, video or the other form of link". This result confirms his answer.


The three page display

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in November officially launched the chain chain information tool, not only can query their own websites, the chain can also view any other website, without any restrictions. The numerous Shanghai dragon Er is a very good news. The author also contacted this tool in the first time, and in the process of using the processing method of the love of Shanghai foreign chain have some new understanding.


in early December took over a site, is a foreign trade marketing website. Temporarily called X station. Over nearly a month, in the month every day in the hair of the chain, the chain of hair, the anchor text, but also pure text links. This month the number 27 in Shanghai love chain was updated to analysis data of chain station X tools, more than 100 to grow by more than 20 over when, in the detailed list, there are a lot of pure text links are recorded in the X station outside of the chain, such as the emergence of classified information website.


figure (1) any URL in the list, this site will display specific page address under the link to the X station. "URL link" refers to the specific address, the anchor text is the link and the link name refers to the. If you use plain text links, normally display should be like this:

so, "display link name" column content is where it? You are careful.



in that it does not use the anchor text, "the link name" column will be directly displayed. But in the part of the chain appeared in the following:

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