Shanghai Longfeng compulsory course two Research on key words

1, sure we choose to have the keywords search volume. If we are busy for a long time, certain keywords spent manpower and time to make up, but no search volume will have been in vain, no amount of keywords search is of no value.

2, improve work efficiency. Ensure the optimization of the keyword search volume, can bring to a website target user.

4, understand the user search habits, find new business opportunities. Study on key words step by step, contribute to further understanding of user search habits, sometimes, may mining rare keywords, find new business opportunities.

3, reduce the difficulty of optimization. If not carefully studied words, there are a lot of people think the search volume is the largest, the most popular word is the best. In fact, if you do not have strong resources and capital, some very popular cannot make up. So, choose their own, have a certain amount of search, the competition is not very big word best.


, 2 core keywords don’t too much. The distribution of keywords and optimization we all know, general core keywords will layout in the site of title, meta, description and navigation, a reasonable layout of the core keywords control in general about 3-5. If the core keywords too much, the optimization will greatly increase the difficulty, we should optimize the core keywords, waiting for the web site has a certain weight, to develop long tail keywords, so good.

3, the choice of keywords of value. We are not afraid of key words long, some of the commercial value of the word, sometimes.

can be roughly divided into two categories: core keywords and long tail keywords. Ningbo Shanghai dragon that there is no need to target keywords, keywords expansion, in fact, the essential meaning is the same, to make it easier to understand, Ningbo Shanghai dragon is divided into two categories. Keywords core refers to the keywords to bring users of the target site. Long tail keywords with extended keywords is not much significance to, refers to the keywords can bring traffic to the site. While each a long tail word flow is not much, but the long tail word a lot, so the general web traffic Many a little make a mickle., most of them are caused by the long tail word.


Shanghai dragon are working around the keywords, so that Ningbo Shanghai dragon of keywords and keywords is we must master the knowledge. Keyword research is a very time-consuming mental work, not only to study, but also study the competitors, in order to obtain the most effective, the most valuable keywords.

, that’s why we want to study

1, try to tap the search volume, competition small keywords. So you can spend the least time, obtain the biggest benefit. This word is hard to be found, as long as enough seriously, carefully enough, not impossible.

two, select key principles:

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