Share to do website construction before the Shanghai dragon optimization

2, website planning is very important, your website is to browse the information collected, if the site of the overall planning, the site also successfully half

3, if you do switch design, human-computer interaction success, so, this site is definitely a plus, in the interactive domestic Tmall mall as good friends can go and see


hot July, hot Guangzhou, city of desire, swaying roses, this night, this impetuous society, would you calm down, listening, sharing, happy, I hope, I was frozen in the summer you lemon, hot tea in the winter; share some experience for you, so you get some receipt and sentiment, let you avoid detours. Let you from the feelings of happiness and warmth, friends, regardless of the quality, please give the most sincere comments please? This kind of weather, hope will not affect the network of friends, as everyone knows, the site has two goals: first, to make money; second, in order to show the image of the company; in fact, after all. Or to make money, so, the website construction and marketing is inseparable. To do marketing, Shanghai dragon optimization is one of the points, is also essential.

website and give the user a good experience for

1, emphasizes the UI design, we all know that apple, apple why sell well, obviously, the user experience is good, UI is beautiful enough, use convenient enough, websites like

first, make the user experience of the website

How do

website design a good part determines the site design decisions of life and death, the soul of the website, the website of the whole marketing effect; if the website design, visual effects to a certain degree, I do believe that the Shanghai dragon is not very difficult; do e-commerce friends all know that directly affect the visual click rate of indirect impact your conversion rate, your sales; some people say that the vision can create viscosity; yes, good website design, not only affect your conversion rate, but also directly affect the site’s viscosity; obvious example: where the customer, where the customer is one of the best visual website in China there is a Tmall mall, not only in design and creativity have made great efforts, we all love this a few sites, because of love, so here.

as the saying goes: a solid foundation, the earth trembled and the mountains swayed. So, how to do the Shanghai dragon website before optimization? Hay network technology website editor responsible person: ahay, which shared five years site construction experience and five years experience in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. In the process of construction and how to join the Shanghai dragon optimization elements etc..

well, the construction site before how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization? Can develop these three points directly influence from the website design, front-end development and background program.


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