Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis from three aspects of the value of keywords


many friends complain, why your keywords optimization to the first site, but few traffic? In fact optimization of these keywords is probably not the word searches, such as construction sites in Taizhou, Shanghai can be seen from the love index, the key words of love Shanghai index is about 70, while the real the search for the user is not much, so although we put it to the optimization of Shanghai’s first love, from this keyword in traffic is not much.

analysis in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion, is a link can not be ignored, whether on the positioning of the site in the station before the layout of the site keywords, and in the process of optimizing keyword mining and so on, are not the analysis of key words; the recent Taizhou network company has been in the key words this feeling wonder, because of their own a website flow is good, and the conversion rate is scanty, a few days call; through continuous learning and summarize these days, and finally realize the knowledge points the following keywords, to share the value of keywords analysis three aspects summed up:

so in the choice of keywords, as far as possible to choose some search volume keywords is relatively large, from the point of view of the value of the keyword search keywords, the greater the amount of competition, it may be greater, the time required to optimize and pay attention also need a lot of, once the key word optimization up, so it must be can give site bring certain flow.

, a search keyword

if we want to optimize these two words, from the analysis of the conversion rate, can not determine the Taizhou website construction company to business than Taizhou network company, website construction company to may be a little more accurate, but personally think that Taizhou network company value to the high point, because the keywords Taizhou website construction company of love Shanghai too much, even if we do first, can give site bring some traffic, while the latter do first, the advantage is more obvious.

we all know more search volume keywords more has to be done, so the competitive keywords will increase, in the choice of key words, we must consider that it is competitive, in addition to popular keywords, but also includes some of the key word conversion rate is relatively high, in addition to the home page optimization the use of some web sites, we found that the promotion will involve some key words, such as: Taizhou website and Taizhou network company, the search volume of two key words but not much difference between construction sites in Taizhou, the Shanghai and Taizhou to promote a lot of love, Internet companies without any promotion, such as:



three, the conversion rate of

Keywords Competitive

two key


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