Shanghai Longfeng planning rules how targeted work


is a website where the value in the reasonable layout without quality content, that is just an empty shell, without any practical use.



editor is to do the others out to share with you, just add some small Loudi real estate network opinions and cases. First of all, we are Shanghai dragon search engine optimization promotion is mainly in Shanghai and the noble love baby, our attention and basic rules are based on the love of Shanghai and nobility baby specification. The details are as follows:

three: the chain for

the state laws and family rules many times and many places we can hear such a word, yes, state laws and regulations for. Shanghai dragon, still need to have an industry standard, although not a powerful Shanghai Longfeng standard, but there are a lot of work notice, Shanghai Longfeng law (of course, is when people work summed up to).

Shanghai dragon


three law

The law of

for search engine optimization for the same content is the core of the most crucial point, so we have known the "content is king" this sentence. We are in the process of optimization and promotion in the daily must take the "content is king" as the first law, the most intuitive performance is our daily station update, the original is the most ideal content, pictured above, about the company news are original content. The user is also a search engine to provide high quality original and fresh content, is the key to obtain a search engine weight and favor the

is included as above, use Adsense tools check out the www.admin5贵族宝贝 website and trans. A5 love Shanghai weight is 6, and the high weight value is not a coincidence, but through these powerful chain and information to the station. Once the content of the website and chain compared to man’s two legs, this analogy, the content and the chain is the site of the two legs (both for Shanghai, Phoenix). The chain for the website like the role of website of friends, when you have a lot of good friends, no matter what time will you recommend someone. The website has a lot of high quality the chain, in order to prove that the site has enough optimization, this website can most easily and quickly get the search engine to give you high weight.

internal links for sites like a "house" of the prime minister, it can take between the content of the website contact more closely, make the site more compact structure, >

‘s Law: content is king

two law: the chain for the emperor

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