Shanghai Longfeng foundation the new site should be how to do

rich web content; when determining the network to do target keywords, also do a good job in the general framework of the page layout, the next step is to put the website page content rich website to ensure each page can have substantial content, and content to elaborate on the title.

update and maintenance of website set up the chain of high quality; the beginning of the new station, the credit degree is not high, the need to constantly have new content to attract a spider to visit, and set up the chain more convenient spiders access, enhance the site’s weight.

Third step

, submit a site or manufacturing chain to attract the spider grab website; submit a site you can find some search engines and can be submitted in accordance with the requirements to submit entrance! In addition to the forum included faster release of some attractive chain. Just follow the steps to do, generally after delivery within 1-3 days can be included.

, determine the target keywords; according to its own web site to find some key words (best not to look too popular keywords, search) in each search engine, if the search results appear in all web site home page, give up; if most of them are inside pages, this keyword can be used.

everything is hard in the beginning, yes, exactly, the new Shanghai dragon optimization is difficult, so no new credit, no awareness, not to mention what the audience, and the search engine and an assessment period for the new station. New optimization included the slightest mistake will lead to delay. The problem of delay ranking. How to optimize the station to be able to spend no credit, no access to collect and rank better visibility, no audience had a new assessment period faster.

Fourth step

the second step, according to the target keywords of the layout of the page; then according to the needs of the user to the page layout to make website user experience needs search page layout needs analysis target keywords, keyword search can be simple demand analysis from 3 aspects: Reference 1, search drop-down box, 2, 3, ranking in the search, some websites the title page appears blue keywords.

The first step of

in the search engine search keywords, check rankings in some website, observe the features of headlines is how, a careful analysis can see which contains words, ranking and so on to determine the needs of users.

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