Webmaster whether it is necessary to set up their own independent blog

can be a webmaster expert is using its own blog, received a 30 tens of thousands of optimization, do this, certainly not everyone blogs have such good luck, in addition to the external website keywords optimization up, also need to have high quality articles to attract users to watch, write well, whether it is inside or layman, there will be opportunities for cooperation, using the blog to create its own brand in the Internet is more see, famous Adsense blog blog blog, Lu Songsong moon, they not only do website weight is very high, but also created a brand, a logo.

is the webmaster blog content is the webmaster industry articles, the original problem is the logical solution, through study and practice, it can be found in our blog, in a sense, enhance our knowledge and soft writing ability; also can see the results of their optimization. Every detail, every article is make by oneself, there is no doubt that this is a best practice platform.

three, networking is the long term

network on the blog as a personal diary, it can show their own aspects, such as living habits, feelings and experience, let more people understand you, know you can make more friends. The blog is built specifically related knowledge of business owners, such as site construction, promotion and operation, the purpose of course is also very clear, in addition to the use of writing to improve their technology, but also their packaging, create their own brand image, to let more people know you, to make more of the same industry friends. I believe these big reason all know, but many owners still believe that this is not necessary, you can receive daily list, also feel that the blog effect is not too large, and spend too much time to deal with, need to have a good article to be able to attract users to watch. So wasted too much time, feeling worthless.

two, build their own brands to win customers

go out to rely on friends, indeed, friends.

The last time the

, a blog is a combination of

had just made the Shanghai dragon, a friend suggested creating a blog, to practice, when they write a blog, one can recognize friends, also can through the practice to sum up experience, improve their Shanghai Dragon technology, can be described as multiple things, but their no consideration choose to do other station, the most important interest, do you love the industry website, it will have full power, can long endure. Now, contact with the industry a long time, the industry gradually familiar, feel the webmaster really necessary to build its own blog, from a long-term perspective is important, but also very necessary, specifically from the following analysis:

theory and PracticeSince

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