The Jingdong general store two classified pages of Shanghai Dragon

let’s look at this page ranking (bidding and the search engine’s own products are ignored, the top 20 ranked * said no, I won’t open the Google:

Description: Jingdong – professional digital mall online shopping mall, including home appliances, mobile phone, digital products, computer accessories, network products such as tens of thousands of direct sales of goods, convenient, sincere service, to provide a pleasant online shopping mall experience for your


navigation: first there must be our general main navigation, this here we will not elaborate on this, let’s look at the following

This is our


page click on the first page of household appliances, household appliances is equal to the classification of the home page, so here is the first "home appliances" four words, and bold amplification, and contains a H1 tag, Sue >





can be seen from the above table, this page ranking of the best is the "home appliances" of the word

look at the density: 0.5% calculation results, the very nature of the distribution in the website, did not see the slightest can stack keyword density approach, allowing users to watch feeling is very natural, no awful feeling (by looking at keyword stuffing on the site is very awful.), enhance the user experience!


Keywords: home appliances, flat-panel TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, water heater, GPS navigation, electric cooker, pressure gauge, online shopping, online shopping mall, Jingdong.

look at the distribution of a large and extensive anchor text, a color, a bold color, a H1, two H2, five different ways to remind the spider, this keyword is very important, naturally, the spider will feel this keyword for this page is very important, from the table it can be seen that the objective was achieved, and the result is very good

) as an example!

other keywords or no ranking, or highly ranked on the list, of course, is not to say these words there is no Jingdong rankings, its relative to the other page rankings are very good, from the table can be speculated that the idea should be a page as a word, so these other keywords we did not elaborate……

today we will analyse the Jingdong general classification page two, here with "household appliances" (贵族宝贝360buy贵族宝贝/electronic.html

Title: home appliances – Jingdong – all electrical household appliances mall kitchen appliances, personal care of automotive electronics.

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