Love Shanghai image search strong recognition ability can be traced back to the original source

Now even the


surprised me! I uploaded is named original marketing bus

I am very curious about the point went in to see, just upload a group picture.

garbled grass root men photos, results of the reaction let me surprise, love the sea really can identify the relevant pictures and similar information, I have marked in red, the show makes me very doubt, why so magical, can identify the picture look like you, this is not guards!!!


I love Shanghai in order to verify whether it can identify the picture look, I found a QQ group pictures, absolutely no photos is going to fall in love with the sea love Shanghai how are you going to try to identify. This picture is very special


source: 贵族宝贝yingxiaodaba贵族宝贝/1961.html



Copyright search engine



picture can be recognized to the extent of the use of technology to pseudo original is not has little significance, of course, should not be so pessimistic, but now the image search function

image search results, so I was surprised!

has been scrambling to make us a hot topic, articles are copying each other pseudo original is homely food, then we want to talk about a function, may let people see all of this article have some surprise!!! This is the love of Shanghai.

normal open love Shanghai image search interface, but with our usual, careful friends may see a new bright spot in the search box – this is inside a small camera (Figure

identify. This is a picture of a girl, I was surprised, then, since also identify pictures to show the two head. This proves that Shanghai is love can picture to be held accountable to the original source, this problem is terrible ah, after our article how to false original picture may be a very important change.

today simply say this, and let everyone see love Shanghai for powerful image recognition.

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