How to mining from competitors ideas and practices

analysis of what competitors are doing, self comparison website

competitors are doing every day, some of what content? This is analyzed, for example, today is June 18th, tomorrow is June 19th, 18 competitors in the chain or edit the content, we can draw according to related tools. After the relevant information we will according to the information compared to their website to find out the drawbacks and advantages of the site, such as competitors June 18th released a commercial article, this article in Shanghai love fifth, as a competitor to 100 of the traffic, then we will analysis their own the website is selling services or sell goods, if it is to sell goods then the 100 traffic released a commercial paper worth, and what impact on the follow-up, this must be something to consider. Hold on for a long time, as an ordinary webmaster idea has been able to like in the webmaster thought love Shanghai top search engine, which is advantage.

There is a direct relationship between the structure and layout of the

of the competition website structure and layout, to explore the advantages of

before we do when the site can according to their own ideas and technology to accelerate the change of Shanghai, and with the love of the search engine, is now our ideas have not love Shanghai rhythm, and as a webmaster if you find your own website ranking drop or right down phenomenon, go to analysis of what is in the top three web search engines love Shanghai? And then according to the characteristics of the development of these sites a development path in line with their own website.

learning advanced ideas and practices have become the most important thing now many webmaster, part of the webmaster in the operation process of the site because of not paying attention to the analysis of ideas and practices of competitors and ultimately defeat and go. As an ordinary webmaster, we do not have too many resources to hire professional personnel, then from the ideas and practices of imperative rival mining.

competitors and the ranking of the site, at this point it is worth pondering the webmaster, a very simple example: a website also, original content than your competitors, the quality of the chain of competitors than you, but competitors the website ranking is higher than you, the competitors at least two more than you, the structure and layout of the 1 is the site of the 2 competitors; the user conversion rate is high. Faced with this situation as a webmaster do not ignore the competition website structure and layout, generally more simple and more stable website is able to have a search engine spider crawling and crawling, such as many blog sites to occupy a good ranking, we have to think of your own website is not to establish a development second times for on the basis of the blog this time, the website structure thus formed is simple and stable, finally concentrated in the industry characteristics and competition advantage, will explore these advantages after writing from conversion into practice. Naturally our site

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