Love Shanghai new algorithm intended to increase the user experience

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users like in Shanghai Longfeng is consumers, the consumer is god. If we do not do Shanghai Longfeng, good user experience is not possible to live, many people are in the pursuit of the website ranking and ignore the user experience, this is wrong, to be successful, then back to the user experience. How should we do

5: the internal structure of


made 404 page, the user will reduce the bounce rate, but will not easily change the site dynamic and static, do not easily delete something, because it will bring a large number of dead links, links not only affect the user experience, serious will be love Shanghai right down, we can make the check of your own website with some Adsense management tools look, whether there is a lot of dead link.

said if a site navigation made out of order, how can users get what he wants, so a site navigation menu is like, if you go to the restaurant to eat, no recipes, only some of the material, how would you choose, so that the site navigation must each page has, but also to tell the user what is the position of the page selection.

talking about the user experience, is a bottomless pit, after Shanghai launched the first 2013 love algorithm, almost all the previous chain method can not be used, it is also one of the reasons to make you fall in love with the sea webmaster increase the user experience, by Lin Jianhui to say much below what is the user experience, how to improve the user experience. Look carefully must be harvested.

3: 404 dead link


, of course, is the main content of the website, but now the industry competitiveness is so big, if your page is not beautiful, not enough to attract users attention, other sites will be exceeded, both from the visual and feel to reflect the users feel comfortable, mainly including the background color, text color, text color collocation. Background and font size, website style and whether the collocation, these are the need to comply with the visual psychological habits, it is necessary to make the page design.

The internal structure of the

4: improve site navigation

2: beauty

1: user access speed

user experience?

users will click on some websites in search of what they want, some websites are open a page has to go in, so the user had to leave to see what other sites. So the website access speed is very important, so some people prefer to buy your space or server, not to choose some free space,.


, the inauguration of the Baba Shanghai dragon Lin Jianhui must give you carefully about, in.

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