Jingdong of three classified pages of Shanghai Longfeng user experience and marketing 1

[]: market price evaluation of genuine licensed words this box has two to

: the current home appliance category name, love Shanghai to a website title keyword weight is from left to right one by one, so here is the first occurrence of "home appliance", said his page is focused on the optimization of the word "home"

"home" is the main keywords of the page, is sure to be here alone with your love, although Shanghai official said the love Shanghai spiders are simply ignore keywords, but other search engines did not say so.



1: tell the user can view here, market, price, user evaluation of everyone’s electricity, and declare their products are genuine licensed

We can see the title of

today see Jingdong three category pages, with "home appliances" this page for example

can be seen from the above table, the overall ranking is very good, the first of two a fifth, not to mention how competitive these words, there is always a little competition and competition, can use description>

from the table we can see that in addition to the "home appliance" outside, other long tail word ranking is very good, of course, is not to say the word "home" ranking is bad, love Shanghai "home appliances" is ranked first in the Jingdong to another page, also belongs to the Jingdong, of course we analyzed here are single page instead of the whole station, so this is not to say.

!Look at the head:

Title: large appliances – home appliances market price evaluation []

2: the combination of long tail words, large household appliances market, all electric price, evaluation, all electric appliance n3208c.

keyword and title is completely different, but in the description, it can be speculated that its purpose is not only to use title to do rankings, description also did not miss. Let’s look at the love Shanghai rank:

household appliances: superior classification name, "home appliances" has a special page optimization of the word, so here the low does not want to optimize this, focusing on "home appliances" tell the user belongs to which category.


is completely in accordance with the "love Shanghai search engine optimization to guide", why not put the site name in the back, here we are not qualified to judge people is right or wrong, after all, they are all related words do.

Keywords: large household appliances, household appliances, price promotions, news, reviews, guides, pictures


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