How to step away from the impulse of eleven breakthrough search garden

, a eleven bit phenomenon come from

eleven, do not know how many people can be calm and calm in the face. But the site is search engine included in the study, also is not a bad thing. First of all, because if the site optimization excessive or natural optimization method is undeserved, so the warning about the search engine, gave us a chance to start with a clean slate. Moreover, some abnormal phenomena are not normal, such as the website or from unknown attacks, will certainly affect the website optimization. We have only calm and patience, and some methods for optimization, out of the examination is not what difficult.

site is a dialectical view of assessmentAfter

moreover, not all of the eleven phenomena are the site itself is a problem, especially in the process of optimization of the right site, even more so. So, we should dialectical view of website search engine evaluation problem, even from a certain point of view is a good thing. One is that only a right.


website ranking eleven is just a phenomenon in the search engine, indicating the site has been the focus of attention, the search engine study website there are many ways, such as the assessment is one of the sandbox as everyone knows. The site eleven phenomena come from? One reason is that the website itself is a problem, such as traffic above surge, website content updates or floating structure change. The absolute height of the core site weights are two, one is the content of a link, a large number of duplicate copies of the long link and unstable will make the site into eleven. For the website, if because of their own reasons, the search engine is of particular concern, it should be said is not a good thing.

another reason is from the search engine, when the net station time to the original content and construction link, will be more and more to win the trust of the search engine. As the reality of the personnel appointment, promotion and appointment of mostly before a period of time. The search engine also has such a mechanism, which is a lot of website after investigation, the website weight and keywords ranking have significantly improved the reason. If the site for this reason were included in the study period, that is a good thing, after the darkness before the dawn, will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow.

believe that many website construction and website optimization personnel, have encountered a similar confusion in website weight, ranking soared, when success is stuck on a point the day and await for it, keyword eleventh still. No matter whether it is a search engine manual intervention results, but one thing is certain, is the site search engine has been of particular concern. There are many reasons caused the eleven phenomenon, such as the substantial content rapid update, traffic surge etc.. There is also a phenomenon from the search engine ranking eleven is a better observation site for change, right or right down the accumulation of judgment basis.

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