See the love Shanghai adjust the inspiration for Shanghai Longfeng from 6 28 big update

2. website ranking changes: in this large-scale change, relates to the website ranking change is very obvious, which has a characteristic, in some competitive heat medium keyword search ranking, Shanghai love a substantial increase in the ranking of its products, including the Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai love, know Shanghai love space, this approach due to avoid the attention of keywords, but also to avoid the intense public criticism is greatly. The popular search ranking, love Shanghai or how much to adjust its own products position, for example in Shanghai Longfeng circle in the highest degree of concern "Shanghai dragon", Shanghai currently love their products – love Shanghai encyclopedia "Shanghai dragon" entry in the long-term occupy the first Shanghai dragon before WHY. High weight website ranking fluctuation is smaller, and the development time is short, the weight is not high site ranking dropped more serious.

"6 – 28" Shanghai love big update event to now has basically come to an end, but the discussion about such a large update this far did not stop, after all this update events in wide range and the intensity of hitherto unknown, according to their clients website changes in statistics and other sites to understand in the webmaster the A5 forum included changes to this update makes a statistics and analysis, and according to the statistical data of this update to love Shanghai adjustment algorithm is studied, and the data of the heart was out to share with you today, in order to carry out our subsequent optimization of Shanghai dragon.

3. changes: follow up to today from the 6 – 28 big changes has been in the past 5 days, the update cycle of love Shanghai, 5 days is not a short time, if the previous server problem fluctuations, generally in 2 to 3 days after the it can be repaired, but this time to now there is still no repair phenomenon, indicating that the love of Shanghai is some "action". It also reminds us that the update is not the love of Shanghai.

1. web site update data: according to the customer responsible for my website changes and understand the situation, the love of Shanghai big update to increase the number of sites included in the majority, which increased significantly, showing a "double" the growth of the web is not a few. The emergence of a large number even by K included reducing the case also has, in general only a minority. Especially for small and medium-sized steadfast do stand webmaster, from this update is mainly benefited a lot, especially if a true quality content sites, in this update included the number of double or even several times the growth situation is very common, so the Shanghai love we often say "content" give positive affirmation, but by the website of K is due to suspected of cheating, including collecting articles too much, the chain or unstable.


, a "6 – 28" love Shanghai update data

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