Shanghai Longfeng flexibly to deal with specific issues

content: first of all to see is the content of the website, the website can generally see the content size the size of the site, if it is a large site, the basic problem is the first to solve the problems included, included enough, in order to ensure the flow and the long tail ranking. Furthermore, if the content is enough, then the classification of more content, these content alone can set up a site, each site is equivalent to a single domain, so these sites do Shanghai dragon is more in line with the overall promotion strategy, and can not simply rely on keyword ranking; if it is small the site, generally do not show up in the long tail, which is on the basic goals of the web site keywords.

in essence, Shanghai Phoenix are try to make your site more user-friendly search engine, so all aspects of the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and promotion, of course, this is from the whole macro. In addition, more is the first analysis of the actual situation of their website, and then specify the optimization of a consistent with their current situation, this can not only prepare a target, but also can avoid a lot of useless, down from several aspects and we summarize.

website optimization is to get good rankings and flow, the ranking and traffic, will have a good conversion rate and profitability. But what kind of Shanghai dragon is the best Shanghai dragon? Think with your every business is different, or the site of different industries, determines the direction of optimization and its method of different. Shanghai dragon is not a panacea, no unified standard process, the methods of other people in your body is not necessarily appropriate, so today and we summarize a little my personal views, that is to be flexible do Shanghai Longfeng, specific issues need specific treatment.

website: website form in different forms, determines the different ways of promotion. For example, some large enterprises have different companies in different countries, need to have a lot of independent domain name or brand building, enterprises have different production lines, each series of products are not the same, or some classified information website, different places may require different domain name, this kind of better service localization. Therefore, the site of different industries, decide the different way of promotion. Some common methods of Shanghai dragon limited to ordinary personal website or small business website, for different websites need to adopt different strategies in Shanghai dragon.

website: website in the form of different nature, not the same. Each industry has its own unique features, such as the familiar game station, rely more on his promotion and advertising, and advertising some news sites, do more long tail keywords effect may be better. For some virtual profiteering industry, uses the single page sales, more suitable for multi site method, for some very high commercial value of the site, should direct advertising bidding is appropriate, such as medical industry etc.. But for many large B2C mall, Shanghai dragon has been far from satisfying the needs, they.

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