Qingdao Shanghai Dragon love is a window of Shanghai

don’t rush to the first step, down the entire site


is currently the Shanghai dragon just to solve the problem of the user’s entrance, how to extend the user on the site in the experience, the next step is Shanghai dragon team must think about. This problem is to distinguish the difference between "pure Shanghai dragon" and "network marketing", it is not difficult to find, for real network marketing, Shanghai dragon is just the beginning of the first step.


Shanghai Longfeng just through technical means to promote the site’s ranking, and many Shanghai dragon but ignore the user experience of the key factors, although in the short term may help achieve traffic surge, ranking, but with the search engine technology, network marketing will be a real prototype, then the future of enterprise network marketing what’s the

in the future, do not forget the social responsibility of enterprise marketing, enterprise website more and more attention to the socialization of traffic, that is the enterprise website no longer meet in such a simple concept of propaganda platform, but to become a part of the public opinion, in the enterprise website, suppliers can see the development of enterprises, enterprise culture however, the user can understand the content of the product and humanized service, this is the website should be given the function.

from Qingdao www.7v network marketing Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 reproduced indicate the source ~

as the Shanghai dragon, we have been dealing with love and love Shanghai, Shanghai’s priority ranking is our only goal. But as the site of the owner of the enterprise, they may be not just so simple ranking, love Shanghai is a window, through the window, we can communicate with the site audience, love Shanghai has never been our object of conquest, we want to win the user’s heart.

we want to see is, respect the user’s personal experience, help to maximize the enterprise from the traditional promotion, maintenance and other fields to the Internet age, low cost of maintenance of customers, using viral marketing reputation to impress customers, this is the essence of network marketing.

Shanghai is a window of love, no matter how we alter this window, the user will eventually see our real face, although our rankings may let the user through the window into the Shanghai love to our website, but when the user opens the optimization method that is not ruthless, even the use of black hat cheating, bounce rate users will make our optimization to naught.

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