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web content stability is not fixed time to collect a website content to feed the search engine, but with the original content updates to the overriding. Every day quantitative timing to update the content, go for a long time will make the spider a habit, every time to climb your station on time every day, including content. The stability of updates is undoubtedly a good way to improve the site weight. But be careful, don’t three days two days to update. Speaking of the content of stability, every day persist, the middle do not have to stay, the most taboo is a day update several pieces, or a few days without an update, it is not much effect. For such sites, search engines often.

search engine optimization rules, whether it is the webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er are constantly exploring the rules. However, the rule is always to change unpredictably people do not know, a few days a big adjustment there will always be some unexpected update results. Most of the webmaster understanding of "Shanghai dragon" only to stay in the fur, little specific professional knowledge, so the owners have to how to optimize Shanghai dragon? Hired Shanghai dragon Er successful, but the real Shanghai dragon rise directly to a high position, er experts after all few, most of it is only "pseudo experts". Accidentally, website optimization is doomed eternally possible, or face the bad reputation of Shanghai dragon Er, bugger, nothing more than the money boondoggle. In this case, the webmaster and how to optimize Shanghai dragon? I want to say is "stability overrides everything!"

high starting point will have higher development, a large part of the webmaster is not lack of ability, but the starting point is too low. The starting point, we mainly understood as "host configuration". China 90% sites are using virtual host, often ranging from dozens of sites, more than two hundred or three hundred websites with running on a host, whether the host is bandwidth or stability is difficult to be guaranteed. Some claim that server does not display the IIS, CPU, has been praised some webmaster, but I used to know, not what is actually the so-called limit limit. Why say so? A server resource is limited, if you do not do any restrictions, there is a website doing a lot of consumption of server resources, is bound to affect the normal operation of other websites, which pages can not be opened, or slow, are the most common mistakes. And these problems, in the use of the virtual host station is very common, so choose a high configuration host, even virtual host do not spend tens of dollars discount, from the starting point to lose competition. How to choose a stable host, become the key to the development of a site. I personally think that: Beijing, Shanghai, the host is relatively stable. The so-called Zhejiang Jinhua, Jingan, this kind of not respected! Many friends is also deep.

content stability

: hardware configuration

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