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content payment is the manufacture of closed and scarce

because the content is the product of the virtual economy, but whether it is the real economy or the virtual economy, the price of commodities follows the law of value. In the face of the market mechanism that the market supply and demand determines the price level, it is impossible to achieve the desired result without considering the content payment basis.


in Silicon Valley, you can see the scale of scientific and technological venture activities everywhere, almost every day, usually as long as the advance record can go to participate. Most business incubators are open to visitors, such as Plug, and, Play, Hacker, Dojo, etc., and free meals if they meet events. This open and free way of doing things in the air is just activating the minds of entrepreneurs and inspiring them.

, know, Himalaya, a knowledge sharing platform for paid consulting, audio and other fields of knowledge sharing to pay water, open the "knowledge" as the economic model of selling paid share. It is finally recognized that knowledge is really productive, and that experts and professionals in one area have the ability to recognize the surplus and demand that the learner pay for the "share".

, in many people’s eyes, "Silicon Valley on the high side", in fact, encourages values rather than individual independence and equality. someone will visit Silicon Valley as a "pilgrimage", where is it so exaggerated?. Most people do not find work in shlf1314, Facebook such large companies have more glamorous, not because Silicon Valley technology companies have numerous engineers, but Silicon Valley’s vitality and competition can be made in a short period of time a new "big company" — and to do a big company employees "climb", rather than slowly a big company.

early in 2014, Ma Huateng published "on the Internet 8 on future nano" keynote speech, Ma Huateng think, don’t be intimidated by the "free", with "scarcity" will have a crack free magic weapon. Therefore, the premise for users to pay for content >

The essence of

China users do not have the habit of paying for content, but this habit seems to be gradually being developed, at least, it is the trend of more and more people are willing to try to pay for content, according to iResearch released the "2016 Chinese New Media Network User Research Report" pointed out that 33.8% of the new media the user has had on the new media content paid, 15.6% of users have the willingness to pay but no pay behavior. 50.6% of new media users are reluctant and unwilling to pay for new media content, compared with 69.7% in 2014.

technological innovation in Silicon Valley, and not because of its name, but because of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture and the rules of the game: as long as you have a good idea, as long as you are strong enough, the so-called "Silicon Valley gangster" and "top investors" and "first-class incubator", they will be willing to your cooperation, for your service. With a little patience, the ecology of Silicon Valley allows you to get all the resources you want.

knowledge sharing community is hot: the habit of content paying is gradually being fostered,

of Silicon Valley? Is north of California, San Francisco Bay area south of several counties, "Silicon Valley Valley" in the Santa Clara Valley, because the local enterprises engaged in the semiconductor industry and the computer industry and the name, refers to the United States along the 101 National Road on both sides of the Panhandle from San Francisco to San jose.

we know the nature of the Internet is open, everyone can equal access to information and resources, so the Internet to subvert the traditional newspapers, magazines, and other commercial retail and media forms, but the essence is actually paid closed manufacturing. Everyone knows that a closed wall is likely to yield a strong profit model. But behind manufacturing closure is creating a scarcity.

What is the

before the rise of Silicon Valley, in fact, the United States semiconductor industry concentrated in the eastern part of Boston and New York, Long Island region. Silicon Valley people are thinking of running all the way to the east coast, going there and looking for opportunities. At this time the Stanford University called · reddelich Frederick Terman; Terman professor will not look down, although he is also in the eastern part of the MIT education, but he urged people not to go to the east of Silicon Valley ran in his place here, we build a new community of science and technology.

this year, knowledge sharing and pay trend has been raging. From the known Live to shell network "line" and "answer", from Luo Zhenyu’s "get" platform to Himalaya for audio, earlier on WeChat will have to test the water to pay to read related topics from time to time to arouse content entrepreneurs sensitive nerve. The day before the cool penguins also began with the logic of thinking, APP cooperation, test the water content to pay.

so in the efforts of several generations, the concept of Silicon Valley is gradually forming, and fame. I also have the Terman "father of Silicon Valley" reputation. Silicon Valley, famous for its scientific and technological innovation, is different from the more conservative east coast of the United States. "Engineer culture" is a feature of Silicon Valley. Opening, sharing, and doing it yourself are the hacker spirits advocated by these computer masters". It is this culture that promotes innovation and development in Silicon Valley.

content paid wind up, let a big wave from media people excited. But it won’t be the spring of most people.

we often think that the premise of content payment is that the content is good enough, but in fact it is not. Content payment is based on the fact that content is scarce.

entrepreneurs, if you want to experience Silicon Valley, stay there for three months! There are lots of things on AirBnb!

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