How about the web structure to the user experience

good website structure must also be reflected in the convenience, which improve the efficiency of user information retrieval. Take the site navigation for example, how to use the navigation allows users to quickly find the information needed? This is presumably many website structure designers often consider, people often do Shanghai Longfeng work in the hospital, the hospital website structure in terms of relatively deep understanding about medical website structure in the navigation grasp well, how can we talk about how to improve convenience.

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search engine is one of the main channel for users to access the website, and the website is a bridge between the user and the enterprise, whether it is a search engine, or for users, must pay attention to the user experience. Only to meet the needs of users, the website can show more value, which brings transformation and enhance the image for the enterprise. In order to make the user experience, first need to do the site structure, consider the user’s browsing behavior, website structure better able to guide the user to enter the relevant page, and thus achieve the purpose website in the world. So, how the structure of the site to the user experience? On this issue, I also talk about my personal experience over the years, and hope to explore together, grow together.


first need to understand, especially in the navigation design. The audience many times website for more general information retrieval are not professionals is too professional, professional terminology for general users is poorly understood, if used in the main navigation if it is difficult to play a guiding role. Therefore, if can use plain paper if the guiding force will be stronger, prompting the user to the next step, truly for the public users, rather than professionals". In the structure of the website design is a must for ordinary users to consider what kind of text can guide users to the most important behavior, rather than you think that professional professional, professional is the need to rely on the data speak.

for the hospital site, the audience is very clear, namely patients. For patients, really care about is nothing more than the understanding of disease etiology, symptoms, hazards, treatment and nursing care, the main navigation design should be subdivided and reasonable to show up, to look for symptoms or treatment of patients with fast direct access to the relevant page navigation structure this is truly convenience. Of course, the website navigation design in other industries also must, tree structure will be subdivided into user, final demand.

most of the time the user needs not to let the main site of interest, the main reason is the lack of necessary guidance or more guidance. Why? Or from the website structure on the hospital to talk about it, we should know is one method of hospital marketing activities planning, planning activities of course is the combination of online and offline, but online.

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