A web site is down right K how to deal with

three, check with the IP site of

have a lot of time, we just check their own web site, check the chain problem, but forgot to check with the IP site problems. We do not too rigid, not what is to follow the tutorial. Although many tutorial did not write about the same IP site right down implicated problems, however, we also have reason to believe that the same IP site drop right after that we also implicated. So, we must check the IP section of the website, you see, whether or not there is no ranking, if there is no ranking, it may be in love with the sea will be your entire IP segment drop right. On the contrary, it is your own website problem.

concluded that the 3 aspects above, the author met other people’s articles which not all mentioned, so give this tutorial to do a summary, hope to help the webmaster. This paper consists of: Wenzhou Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng optimization of 贵族宝贝let.Org, please indicate the source, thank you.

two, view the site log

many owners were K in the site, will be at a loss what to do, then go to the forum and ask some people to ask. Update some webmaster will go check Links problem and the station.

, check the space business server

because the Internet we say there are answers to these claims, it also led to many owners do not have the limitations of Shanghai dragon new factor, today I bring you a new analysis technique, let you do the operation, the site has not been restored under the condition should be how to deal with.

before I wrote an article about "search engine" of the change by analyzing the web log, if you don’t know how to view the site log you can see this article, believe that can help you.

Each ?

do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster should – met site is k or drop right, if you do not encounter these problems, you are not a qualified webmaster. However, after being K and down right on the site, how we operate, restore and set the weight ranking

says, you did something more, the website still did not improve the situation, you can operate in these areas. For example, the space business server is often open or not open phenomenon.

is installed in the case of love Shanghai webmaster tools can operate, if you do not install love Shanghai webmaster tools, you can clearly grasp the website whether love Shanghai grab, whether can normal open.

now love Shanghai there is a webmaster reminder, as long as your site after certification, the dynamic can easily control their own website. Figure:

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