Forwards finishing 5 examples to seize the Shanghai home of love

jewelry occupy the home

5, "the rain in Shanghai dragon" as the representative of the Links deception. Rain Shanghai dragon forum is said to add 403 friends of the chain, as well as cheating suspects, I just checked, there are 377 outbound links, this may be the most bold chain. Hefei Shanghai Longfeng site and he also exchange links, but after.

love ShanghaiKeywords


District kkk103 District kkk103 drive electric drive top ranked 2

months, Shanghai dragon "master" in the Shanghai dragon ER crowd a bit tired. The thrill of a love Shanghai brain, let the love of Shanghai in June 28th to completely exhaust. So far, there are many station did not return to normal, love Shanghai site instruction is still not normal. In recent months, according to the Shanghai love page ranking offbeat Shanghai dragon, reminiscent of the Three Stooges top of Zhu Geliang "famous classic, love between Shanghai Engineers between bovine A and bovine C, so many people to study also unable to resist sustain the blows. Thus, the emergence of a group of "success stories", or "classic case".


Live Tour Network occupy the home


L-carnitine station group PA love Shanghai pages

3, with "jewelry nest" as the representative of the stack. Simply use the keyword stack, can make the website to love Shanghai home. Keyword stuffing, this is the ultimate. Jin Yong wrote this with martial arts like, ordinary Kung Fu practice to the end can reach the peak of perfection.

Shanghai love nest

2, with "live tour" as the representative of the 301 jump. The server was hacked, realized on the server site 301 redirect. Suddenly, a 301 redirect can also use so, black people have such as the use of server in the server under the people.

1, with "s" as the representative of the standing group. L-carnitine stations once let love Shanghai helpless, finally cut a large number of sites affected arm, finally forced to stop this naked QJ. Now the station group will continue, but also did not like the brother left NB.


4, brush Related words represented by "kkk103" with the main keyword ranking ranking. Although the business circle ended, it is said that this is a farce, in this not go. But kkk103 is really took the first, early may also rely on "business kkk103" with "business", but later is who resources Niubi problem.


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