The three thing love Shanghai on Thursday before the update will do

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website right down and enjoy Shanghai snapshot must deal with

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Shanghai dragon people are familiar with, Thursday is an update love Shanghai more important! So before updating some of the work is will not say! I took his stand to do the test, compared to update and did not update the two states personally do, the result is far, so do the job before update ranking is particularly important! Here to make a introduction of some experience before:

is not very serious, I generally is not easily delete the chain, but recent practice certificate. The situation on the home page is completely K, love Shanghai without snapshot, snapshot date is slow, included less and home page right down in 10 outside the station to dispose of, or by the volatility of the possibility of


second, check the health of the chain of

third, the speed increase external links, with high quality

first, do website renewal of the original article is very important to

, outside the chain, believe that many webmaster is the most headache, too, but I, I think, rather than spend so much time and energy in the Forum blog, rather than relying on quality to win, with a signature in the forum at the same time, by the high quality of the original article do better the chain effect!

from the Suzhou wedding photography studio (贵族宝贝zhenshi99贵族宝贝) A5 original episode, please be sure to keep forwarding links, or

in the sense of not Thursday love Shanghai to update this year, rush and a lot of original or original articles, cramming is not much use, Shanghai dragon is accumulated, on Thursday before the update is best will update some original articles every day, most also have to update the next day. No updates to the station, after the test, the ranking drop possibility.


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