The negative effects of Web site links to death and Solutions

website chain is mainly reflected in two aspects, on the one hand, will affect the user experience, when the user clicks on a page, but found not open, there is no corresponding display, then the user will think that the site has been destroyed, or was hacked, causing the user to trust the site of so the decline, it is difficult to establish the brand website, which will obviously affect the long-term development of the website.

wants to eliminate the death of harm the overall comprehensive three ways: first to set the 404 page, 404 page has been set up, on the one hand is to remind the user, let the user know that the page has been deleted or other factors has been open, but can through this 404 page, the user can continue to view the home page or other the column page, so users have a wrong view website hacked it would not influence on the trust of users becomes lower. Of course, this 404 page set will let love Shanghai spiders can jump out of station dead circulation, improve the work efficiency of the spider love Shanghai. This will not affect the evaluation evaluation of love Shanghai site weight and ranking.

with website optimization from the chain to extend to many sites within the chain, zero dead content have been staggered manner to achieve the link, but with the increase of site content, increase the number of web pages, many pages started because of a variety of factors are removed, such as some advertising content page updates, users posted slobber delete this time, these internal internal links network will be arranged in a crisscross pattern although not because the deletion of a page and one area can not be love Shanghai to search spider. However, these deleted pages or other forms can not be opened "appeared, it caused the death of.

The harm of

on the other hand will inevitably cause the death of love Shanghai spider cycle search page, resulting in low efficiency of spider love Shanghai, and this problem will reduce the recognition of love Shanghai spider to the site, even the site that is rubbish site, so the site’s weight is difficult to higher ranking promotion, enhance the degree of difficulty, leading to the site you want to profit increased difficulty.

chain damage

third, the death of the submit method to love Shanghai, love Shanghai provides.

second, to search through the station chain retrieval tools, and manual delete. Although we can reduce the impact of the death of users and love spiders in Shanghai by setting the station 404 pages, but if the site links too much, the user will accidentally enter the 404 page, it is not conducive to enhancing the user experience, so we need to be too much for the death of delete, if simple manual screening obviously, the efficiency is very low, but we through some webmaster tools to complete the retrieval of some chain, and then rely on the tool to delete operation, so it can greatly improve the efficiency of the chain delete.

The elimination of

chainThe biggest harm

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