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love Shanghai Longfeng proposal, I think it can be a good illustration of the black hat Shanghai dragon manipulation theory which is defined relative to the very accurate "black hat Shanghai dragon is the use of strategy and enlarge defect search engine system (in fact there is no perfect the) get more user traffic, and these more traffic, is to hurt at the expense of the user experience, so, in the face of the black hat Shanghai dragon behavior, the search engine will be checked by some strategies." Whether it is cheating or suspicious means all of these is the determination of the search engine, while the black hat in the operation of the don’t think is to consider what operation suspicious or cheating, they must be the starting point for the search user traffic, and can only use is a search engine, it must find the search engine loopholes and defects the algorithm, and to enlarge use, in the search engine rankings for high above, get traffic.

article for everyone to talk about a problem, according to the instructions of Shanghai love optimization theory can make the white hat Shanghai dragon, because there are many problems in the definition, the theory about the definition of cheating in the Shanghai dragon "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" also has a clear definition, content and love Shanghai almost. It also talked about the specific means of development is cheating, inexhaustible, the core points: whether it will affect the search system? Whether users search experience hurt


Hello, I am virtual son rain. The previous article for everyone talked about some of his views about the white hat Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon for the white hat we seem is easy to grasp, but most easily make a wrong thing, you can think of yourself when the website optimization is not always wait for a problem to know this operation is not feasible. This is because the boundary search engine actually is not very clearly defined white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, in addition to some special provisions is definitely not feasible, there are a lot of operation between the white hat and black hat Shanghai dragon, which increased the difficulty of Shanghai dragon, and if we can have a good grasp of the white hat and the black hat, you can certainly be Shanghai Dragon technology greatly enhance your website optimization certainly on more handy, this Love is about Shanghai advocate in the advice of Shanghai dragon.

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black hat Shanghai dragon, we do not know his mind is how to define the definition of love inside the Shanghai encyclopedia is written like this: Generally speaking, all the means used or suspected of cheating, can be called the black hat Shanghai dragon. This is a fuzzy concept, what is called cheating? What is called suspicious? There is no one authoritative explanation, just like the previous article keywords we talked about stack cheating, actually this is also very suspicious, but the end is not the black hat, we have to practice to know.

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