The impact of new voting strategy ten ranked love Shanghai

The type of link to voteThe

popular events refers to the current user clicks a surge event, and these events precisely and relevant content on your site, then you can use this event to reprint the website, when love Shanghai crawling, will quickly put out, because of the extreme desire, so users search, love Shanghai will need to show these contents included, will be faster, will pull high click vote, indirect of course, if you are still in the audit site is different, this kind of event is generally applicable to the news

4. hot events voting

2. votes



3. love Shanghai weighted voting

new rankings? Pain of Shanghai Longfeng people have been repeatedly spurned? Why is the keyword 0 index fell in love with the sea away? Released the chain article why frequently ineffective? Boss ranking, how to deal with? Buy links go black hat line, what is right or wrong? After March is going to be leaving behind? Love Shanghai algorithm and hide what rules? Behind all this is the boss of greed, or Shanghai dragon incompetence? Nothing unreasonable or website editors? Let us follow the camera into the core algorithm of love Shanghai: to vote ranking.

Why not

said the weight, we are not unfamiliar, but to truly understand the love of Shanghai and how much weight? Love Shanghai, also can according to their own situation to your site some pages of the vote, or say to the page score, a lot of new sites if reprinted without beautification spam words, will lose the love of Shanghai give the vote.

Click on the

click on the vote may be a lot of people are not very understanding, the vote is click users click on a page, click on an even cast a vote, but not on the more the better, but in line with the real user clicks, but the residence time is moderate, the bounce rate is relatively low, so this kind of voting is a great role in promoting, click on the site said, many people will think of yourself, click, or ask a friend or click, use brush; in fact, this kind of situation the effect it will have side effects, because those things can never simulate real user intent, for example, a user not to search the results, every day people vote on this page, you are the love of Shanghai do you want? So, the use of external voting itself is invalid.

voting here refers to a link to a web site, such as the A website to the B web site, A website for the B website to cast a vote, the anchor text chain usually issued by the vote also has effect.



link may be the vote of Shanghai Longfeng knows, often within the chain chain of the Links belong to the link and vote, is through the link and guide the spider crawling.

What is

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