Website optimization is K how to solve

site search page URL, it shows that our home page is K, the home page is K means that the home may have let search engine antipathy to the place, then we should check whether the home page keyword, check whether there is Links K website link, whether there are other K site inspection on the server.

two, the home page is K

four, site in the first

The station was The

spider to grab our site article, this time will generally result in snapshot stagnation, spiders don’t come to visit general site not update, the spider to find no new content also don’t often come, or that the website often reprinted, or the structure is not conducive to good crawling. Need to do to find included more web site do friends chain, then update a few original articles will override the URL URL level decreased. The previous title change > reprint articles

If no

spiders don’t grab information

three, the page is K

K is the site of the page is included only home page, column page and the content page all appear not, this is generally because of the poor quality of the content of the website, the level of complexity, the unreasonable structure and so on, the page is K we need to do is to change the column name URL, and modify the URL level, increase the column page if you are not able to increase module, modules will be placed on the top of column module as shown in the picture, modified URL is a must.

site is down right site is not on the first page, the website weight not high, long common punishment way home increase keyword density, and correlation, to point to the home link within the inside pages, a page link must be in each article.

, the total was K

site is K punishment is every Shanghai dragon are unwilling to see, but as long as it is done for a period of time the Shanghai dragon, are likely to encounter this kind of situation, at the same time, we should not panic, according to the corresponding problem, find the corresponding solutions.

K is undoubtedly the most let Shanghai dragon are headache problems, many online said the total was K needs a stable update, continue to send the chain, in fact, very little can be said in this way, the site is difficult to quickly search engine to search, when the site is K search engine website will blacklist all data the website will be deleted from the database, the stable updates will not have much effect. We can wait for a period of time, if not what good sign can rebind a domain name to the server, also is to let the search engine to index new domain name, the domain name is a victim, we use the domain name into the web spider grab information, when websites re indexed by search engines this when we can be redirected to the new domain name is K domain name, weight transfer.



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